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Thread: Babies Born September 2006 #35

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    not with crazy people


    OH AnnaT - I hope they were wrong!Biartards!
    Rikki - sunni is defently out for a girls name now. PMSL. Yep, its still Mateauz Josif for a boy. I had the same with my post before, I copied it before hand and luckily I did. Ive learnt from my mistakes.
    Nelle - im a bit like you matie, we werent trying to fall pg, we were trying the old timing method (hahaha didnt work) we really wanted to wait until October but a greater force had other ideas, bless them.
    Annie - thanks for the well wished matie...I'll let you all know (how can I not) as soon as I get the results (pooing my self now)
    Hope the meet up in sydney went well girlies
    SHUT UP VYYY!!!!!!
    Oh re Vic meet up - Belle's gonna be in Vic at the end of April so maybe we could arrange something then? Perhaps? I personally would love to meet you all, maybe we should all save our $$ for the next 4 years and meet just before our babies turn 5 and celebrate their birthdays together. I better get the swear jar out for me again.
    Chrissy honey - I cant get you out of my head at the moment. I know how you feel about not feeling guilty, remember I felt the same in November. Your a strong chicki and I hope that by the end of the year that there's another little Paris Hilton's boyfriend look alike in your tummy. (He's pretty yummy to look at even for a 21 yo). Big Mauws for you.
    shell - are you still gonna do the sleep school thing?
    Yay Vy's finally stopped screaming. She is so overtired her cheecks are so red and her pooh's runny and blahhhh. Ive been eating none stop and have been craving meat. I had a roast pork sandwich with mustard and sauce for breakfast..hmmmm yummy
    $hit she's started again
    BBL think of me with that thingy up my 'chicken tonight'

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    Nessa.. yeh i think thats fine.. like youve said to me, theyll let you know when they wanna cut back Our fomula tin says 3-4 bottles and 3 meals for 6 months + so shes not too far away from that anyways.. but yeh if she wasnt drink the 4 then she's obviously getting enough. Oh thats good Teleah found a friend to play with.. if only we lived closer and id come play with her!

    Maz.. Jess does rippers himself too (has battles with his daddy!!). Oh maz i like Kristell, very pretty name!

    Anna**.. thanks mate, yeh i always wondered too if anyone actually won them too. Oh i hope youre not getting sick poor thing..

    AnnaT.. aww im sorry mate.. guess theres still hope hey.

    Rikki.. oh poor Ainsleigh.. hope she picks up soon.

    Thanks for the info re burping. Wont bother too much anymore... he does burp on his own too. Cool thanks ladies!

    Shell.. how did Ash end up going with the pear? Gave Jesse some this morning in his cereal instead of apple and he loved it just as much.

    Belle/Chrissy.. thanks for a lovely morning!!!! Your little girls are absolutely gorgeous!!! And Chrissy, definately Nicole could go into modelling.. i dont think those photos do her justise! It was so nice seeing you both too, we'll have to make another date soon! Hope you both got home safely.

    Well gonna get back to doing the invites and hopefully will have them finished tonight.

    ciao ciao


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    Time for a new thread ladies!

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