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Thread: Babies Born September 2007 #46

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    Default Babies Born September 2007 #46

    This thread is for parents who's baby was born in September 2007.

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    Aww Rainy he's gorgeous! Just love the photo where L is giving J a big smooch, and the ones where J is sitting up in his papasan with his little mitties on. AAAAAW too cute!

    You ladies had better stop having all those gorgeous babies as it's making me all CLUCKY again and I really don't want to run off and have a hot steamin affair to get myself a love child, now, DO I???

    Clare - OH NO! Righto girl, time to ring that specialist and get your appt moved forwards! And book yourself a spot at the naturopath/TCM dr at the same time!

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    Hey Girls,

    MD-Yeah I know what you mean about being clucky.
    Rainy- Yep Jimmy is so cute love the pics.

    Sorry girls but I carnt seem to bring up the last thread...

    I love my new car and got to drive it back from the car dealership so DH is a good boy. Now its going to get pimped out next

    Gotta go X is up needs to be in bed.

    Have a wonderful weekend to all.

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    Hi Girls

    MD-had a giggle at u being clucks. U only live once + u r so good at being a mum, how can u resist NOT to run off + find a luuurve child. Ha ha.

    Rainy- I haven't been able 2 c the pics but will do as soon as I can ge this phone with javascript.can't wait.

    I will b back. Dh hates the txting noise!

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    hi girls!

    i am currently uploading the pics of our holidday on FB... that they upload! i always seem to have issues with it...ho hum!

    MD: LOL! i have my homeopath from italy calling monday night! she tells me that i need to probiotic myself like crazy until she calls and gives me the run down on what to do from her POV. look forward to it!

    SB: my DH gets narky at the sound of the laptop keys LOL! we just cant win!!

    Leanne: woot woo on the car! what are you getting pimped??

    bbl xxx

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    Clare- Bling Wheels, Custom exhaust, lifted,super dark tint (so nobody can see how fudly ok so there is a bit of a rev head deep down inside me but mostly its what DH wants. If I had my way I would have got a white Range Rover with Pink Mags but thats quite a bit out of the price range for us yet. lol

    Hello to everyone and have a great day...

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    MD, the last ever Battlestar is downloading as I type. I am sadly super-excited. Looks like your DH and I share a similar theory on Thrace. I guess they don't call her Starbuck as much now because she doesn't fly much? Did you want the last episodes sent over? I am already under orders from my bro to send them his way as soon as the last one is off the press.

    Rainy, OMG he is adorable! I used to have a little bubba like that It has gone so quickly

    Clare, glad you had a good holiday, sorry you came back to more tonsillitis. You need to move to the country, it is the city life upsetting your chi (sorry, I think I hear my granddad talking lol)

    Busy day here today, DH is looking after W for the ENTIRE weekend so I can get the lounge painted. Have done the ceiling and trims, tomorrow is the exciting part - new colour day! DH took W to the Rodeo and all afternoon he kept saying a combo of 'dada, William, motorbike, rodeo', he was pretty excited.

    W showed his first bit of imagination the other day: he is obessed with huts and loves to crawl under things and proclaim them a 'William hut' (the smallest being a hanky over his face lol). The other day he had an old sheet off the bed and sat under it and said 'quacking hut' and sat there quacking in it! It is only that specific sheet that becomes a quacking hut, he sounds adorable in there practicing his quacking (DH has been practicing a duck caller for duck season)

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    Hi girls I'm baaack!

    Wedding was fab, had an excellent day. Everything went very smoothy, had a few minor issues like a button came off my dress, the music didnt play, forgot my parents corsages etc etc but we didnt let anything worry us we just went with the flow. We really enjoyed ourselves, and now I am a wifey!! The honeymoon was awesome, & to tell the truth DH (DH, wow so weird!!) & I didnt start to miss M until two days prior to us leaving for home. We were so relaxed about it all, we knew she was in good hands, so we just enjoyed ourselves really. We sent a few txt's to check all was fine now & then. Spent many many days poolside sunbaking and reading, while watching the parents chasing after their toddlers thinking woo hoo for me lol. Mind you couldnt resist playing in the pool on a daily basis with a cute 18 month old dutch girl, she was beautiful, & I now know a few dutch words! When we landed I bawled my eyes out when I saw M, she has grown in that short time. However she just looked at us as if to say oh yeah I remember you, big deal! So I was so glad to see she hadnt worried about us or felt any anxiety. She is now saying duck (in laws have chickens) & yes. We bought so many clothes, designer stuff over there is decently priced & even just non brand stuff is cheap as chips & really good. They have some unusual things that you wouldnt find in boring Perth. Got way too many shoes.

    On a crappy note, had a little tiff with the in laws yesterday. They had planned on spending the weekend with us, as in Fri, Sat & Sun. However DH & I wanted to relax with M after not seeing her for almost 2 weeks & just sleep & relax after our flight during the night, as we both didnt sleep at all. So for one that peeved us off but we got on with it. Then however MIL kept saying dont do this, dont do that, she likes this, she doesnt like that, you need to do this & on & on when it came to M. The last straw was when I made M weetbix & MIL stood over me & said no you have made it too runny start again. So i cracked it & said do you think you know my daughter better than me, I am sick of you always undermining me, I've been her mum now for 18 months I think I know what I am doing. Of course I didnt mean for it to come out so *****y but I was tired & grumpy & fed up with her. So they basically packed up & went home. So I will speak to her tomorrow & explain how I feel in nicer words, dont want her to think we dont appreciate all they do for M & us & especially for taking M while we honeymooned, but still girls I am so at the end of all this iykwim.

    Hope you are all well. What did I miss? Noni loved the wedding pics, glad to see you had a nice day. Congrats on the new lounge. How are all the preggie mummies & has Ange popped yet? Rainy hope all is going well with your precious new bundle.

    Exciting news, I have stopped the pill so hopefully things will get back to normal asap as we want another one to come along.

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    aww hayley- i can so relate to you on the mil issues. she gives you such a hard time, you poor thing...big hugs xoxox
    glad you had such a great time, your photos looked gorgeous
    ange had a little girl- Saskia- on thursday. she's been relocated to the Park Hyatt hotel now...and sounds like she's relaxing and enjoying her new bub

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    Just quickly wanted to let you all know that Cindy (joel'sgirl) had her baby boy yesterday. A very healthy 9lb 10oz named Morgan Lane. Official announcement in the birth announcement threads.

    Will be back to catch up later.

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    Hi girls!

    MM: welcome back babe! your holiday looked awesome! wish i was lounging poolside somewhere...
    Sorry to hear that relations with the MIL are still pretty crapulent. in all honesty, i dont think you were out of line, she was. i wouldnt stand for someone trying to tell me how to make weetbix!

    JG: CONGRATS on your baby boy!!

    Arte: i know, i need to get some fresh air. i have only ever been this sick since moving here to melbourne...maybe i am allergic!
    that is so cute about W in his duck hut!! they are too cute these little terrors!

    Rainy: OMG! jimmy is just perfect!!! what a gorgeous mop of hair! did L have this too??
    Jimmy was exactly to the gram 1kg more than leila (she came early...) it was SOOO weird seeing that number on the scale in his picture! LOL! i had to do a double take!

    AFM: well sick as here, but holding fort. have bought enough antibacterial mouthwash and antiseptic gargles to sustain 3 nations, but hey, i am getting desperate!
    Leila is awesome as usual! (mummy bias raging here!). Lots of 'talking' going on with sentences that have maybe 2-3 words and the rest is still made up of attempts. just loving it though, she is turning out to be a mega cuddler and now comes in of the morning and demands kisses!! love it!

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    MM glad to hear you had a good trip. Hopefully now you have said something to MIL she backs off a little.

    Clare I hope you get better real soon, I cant imagine how tough it must be for you lately being so sick all the time.

    Arte PMSL at duck hut, W is so clever.

    Well I was having a great weekend until and hour ago when we got a call to say BIL came off his motorbike and is in hospital with internal bleeding, and cracked vertebrae one of which may leave him paralyzed. DH has gone to the hospital now. I am trying not to worry.
    On a happier note Logan is having his first sleep in his big bed.

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    Ange - Congratulations on the birth of little Saskia!! Looking forward to seeing some pics!!

    Cindy - Congratulations to you on little Morgan!! Well done!!

    Katie - I hope your BIL is OK.

    Clare - your photos looked great, I so want to go to Tassie!! pooey to those tonsils!!

    MM - your photos also looked awesome, so jealous of a lovely holiday relaxing by the pool!!

    Noni - glad you had a good day for the wedding and a great honeymoon.

    Leanne - hope the new wheels are going well!!

    Not having much luck with day sleeps here. Fri was 45 min, yesterday an hour, today 45 mins. I've put her back down and we've had 30mins of slight whinging interspersed with quiet periods where I get my hopes up. Hopefully she drops off soon.

    We've had a good weekend away in Canberra for my niece's 1st birthday. K was just gorgeous, kept leaning in to give her kisses!!

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    Hi everyone
    Sorry this is a real quickie - i haven't kept up all week and i've missed out on so much. (as per usual )
    Ange - congratulations on the birth of precious Saskia! I love the name. Hope they're treating you like royalty at the Hyatt!
    Cindy - congratulations on the birth of little Morgan. Hope everyone is doing well
    Katie - that's terrible about your BIL. I hope everything is ok.
    MM - so glad you had a wonderful holiday. Hope your mil is ok tomorrow. (if she's not tell her to drink a concrete milkshake)
    Clare - you poor munchkin! I so hope you're feeling better soon.
    Arte - your little William is such a clever little man. Aren't they just wonderful!

    Hannah and I had a wonderful week last week - because we didn't go anywhere. After we took the girls to school we came home and played, instead of going to the shops.
    She's started learning how to spell!!! (kind of anyway) Zoe is always asking me how to spell words, so i'm always yelling out letters. Hannah started the other day saying "a e e e i". She's such a hoot!
    Have a good night's sleep everyone.

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    Wow Cindy CONGRATULATIONS on the safe arrival of not-so-little Morgan! So happy for you!

    Arte - YES PLEASE!! I have just watched the ep where they arrive at their destination and all is not as expected. . Anyway I will send you a season of B&TG so you can get a taste for it! LOL What colour are you going for in the lounge? I'm thinking of having a feature wall of warm caramel - once my 1974 fake wood panelling comes down LOL.

    Katie - OMG how is your BIL - I'm hoping he's actually in better shape than they first hope he's ok. xxx

    MM - so happy for you, wishing you a speedy TTC journey!

    JaZaH - woohoo for your good week. That spelling is precious! Missy E thinks she can sing - it's quite obvious she's got a tune going in her head ...but we can't work out what it is! LOL

    Cally, is it worth putting K into her bed with a couple of books/a story or some music on a tape, so she has a quiet 'rest' and you get some quiet sounds like she's not past needing a sleep, so 'rest time' can be a good segue into that.

    Clare, good luck with your appt today - do hope it's good news for you but bad news for the tonsies. LOL Have you talked to your hpath yet?

    Well, I'd better go, Roary's on, it means a bit of P&Q so I can wade thru a few more articles...assignment due on Friday. Dreamed about it all night.

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    hi everyone!
    MM welcome back!! i have been thinking of you and wondering how you were and how the ILs went with M. well on the positive it sounds like they coped and so did she (and you guys) for the 10 days..thye flip side of that is the know it all factor - man that would kill me!!!!!!! you are her mummy and you know her best my dear///. and what is with wanting to hang around all weekend? my ILS would be the same, in fact they are landing on our doorstep next weekend bc it suits them - never asked if the dates are good for me (it is not convenient timing at all).
    N had his 1st ever sleep over last night - at my mums while DH and i were in our hotel (across the road!!) - i was so nervous about it but thought of you! it went ok, well he got up for 4 hrs from midnight and played.... but we all surivived and bizarrely mum isnt put off!!! we had a wedding so got in close to 1am but it was bizarre to wake up without my little man. we will def do it again, good to get him used to it.
    Katie - how is your BIL?
    Cally - good to see you and glad you had fun in canb. cant believe your niece is 1. time flies...
    Rainy - where do i see these pics?
    ooh glad ange has been relocated to the park hyatt - so lush. maybe she could hide there for a few weeks while they sort out her housing!
    Clare - i cant find the old thread so dont know what is up? i hope you are ok. poor thing.
    MM - wooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooo on the TTC! i will now be looking for any hints in your posts that you are UTD! maybe a sneaky honeymoon baby....
    Well i think we have decided on a name.. finally. was worried this little one would come out and have no name for a year!
    hi to all = still in melb but home tonight.. will be on more tomorrow. xxx

    ps so funny for the weddinbg yest (which was one of my closest friends) i ended up wearing a dressi wore to another close friends wedding last time i was preg - all in the same group but it is simple black dress and i accessoried differently - wanted ot get a new one but a) had no time and b) was too hot on sat!!. anyway DH and mum spent hours telling me no one would notice, not about what i am wearing etc etc etc... walked into the ****tail reception and the bride comes over and says 'i have apic on my mirror of you in that dress!!' (she lives oseas atm) and then 3 other people within 5 mins make the same comment..... funny.... and sad. anyway managed to convince dh i def need a new preg formal dress for my cousins wedding in 2 weeks...

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    Just wanted to quickly jump on and update you all. BIL will have surgery to put pins in his spine sometime today, they need to wait for the internal bleeding to slow as they cant find where it is coming from, if it doesnt slow they will have to operate to find the bleed then do the spine surgery. If it was anyone other then my BIL I would be far more worried, he is a tough little bugger. I have my FIL & SIL coming up tomorrow for a few days. Have my 12 week scan tomorrow so will pop in and see BIL then. DH is off to the hospital again today.

    I am sorry for the selfish posts. I will try and catch up tonight.

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    well katie at least he is getting good care and he sounds very strong... assume he is conscious etc etc? how is he coping?
    good luck with your scan - cant wait to hear all about your little bubble!

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