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thread: Newborn - 1 Month, April '05 #2

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    Feb 2004

    Call me silly too Deb cos I feel the same! It's weird isn't it?!

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    Sep 2004
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    How typical is that. I have just finished reading all of the posts and now Tehya is awake. Lets see how far I get on the catch up.

    First of all Deb and Sarah, yep you are both silly. Now is the time for the males to be looking after you. You have the baby to look after and they can look after themselves and you Selfish woman aren't I.....

    Sorry about the mix up Tanya, Violet is gorgeous too. I was right Tehyas rash is just a hormone rash, nothing to worry about. I guess I sort of Tehya pretty much the same as you do with Violet. Feed, change, play, feed, bed. Usually theres another change thrown in there too because she always poos the minute I have a clean nappy on her ](*,)

    Deb, make sure that you say Hi to Fi for us all and give her our love. Woohoo on the 6 hour sleep too. Got to love that. Have you got a baby carrier? Maybe you can just leave that in the car for when your out and don't want to use the pram, most of the time those baby trolleys are filthy anyway.

    Sarah, woohoo on getting to go back to sleep. I only wish it worked like that for me. I guess that is the beauty of a first baby, no other kids to contend with when you want to sleep.

    Tehya's visit with the community nurse went well. She has grown nicely, her weight is 4260g bare and 4500g dressed, she didn't check her length though so I don't know if she has gotten any longer. Her head circ. is the same. She told me to get her nose checked out again as it is green now - green usually means infection, and her belly button needs to be checked to but she doesn't think that the Dr will do anything about either of them anyway. She was quite surprised at how alert Tehya was and the fact that she was looking around at everything. Of course Tehya was very well behaved the whole time they were here, didn't put up any fuss why being played around with while she was naked or anything. What a good girl

    Boobs are extremely full, after the weekend with her feeding every 2 hours she has really increased my supply. She has been asleep since around 11.30am so she hasn't had a feed since around 11am and that was only one side. Poor lefty is getting heavy.

    Noah is down atm so I might try and get alittle rest on the lounge before she gets up, which of course will be as soon as I lay down.

    Take care

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    I hope you managed to get a good rest Trish. LOL @ your poor lefty. I think Gabby has done a good job at my supply too because I can definitely feel them getting "full" now (as opposed to nothing before). You are right about Sarah and I being silly about not being able to look after our DH's. Neil says I am silly too. I guess I just loved doing it. Like he says, he doesn't need a mother but Gabby does. I do have a sling but it's hopeless. I bought it off ebay for $5 and it didn't come with instructions. It's the Snugli brand one. It's really hard to get her in and out of it and it doesn't sit comfortably. I may have to ask some friends if they have one I could borrow. I agree about the baby trolleys being filthy. I always take a big bunny rug with me to put down first. I just couldn't be bothered packing the pram into the car today. I have learned my lesson. The pram goes where I go from now on! I hope Tehya's rash and cold go away soon. It's good that the rash was a hormonal thing tho. I don't imagine that having to figure out the cause would be much fun otherwise!

    This new routine must be working and it hasn't even been one day yet. She has been down now for over an hour which is more than we got yesterday or the day before that! It's definitely worth making her wait for a feed for a little while. I think I was just throwing her on the boob every time she grizzled. Her poor little tummy was probably getting so full! Isn't it amazing how doing or not doing one simple little thing can change everything?

    I managed to do the dishes, a couple of loads of washing, swept the floor, put the dog food away, wiped the benches and sterilised some bottles. It feels great to be able to get SOME things done. The fact that I did the groceries this morning is also very satisfying. Going out of a morning may have to be what Gabby and I do from now on. If we are home by lunch time, she may get a decent sleep.

    Someone tell me if I am crapping on about myself too much. You guys have been so helpful. Honestly, it's the first place I turn. I just don't want to be the pain in the bum that people get sick of going on and on about herself all the time - so tell me off if I am being too selfish - okies??

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Colleen - oh no! Poor little James! What an ordeal for him to go through. I'm glad you were able to settle him. Well done on the weight thing too. I also plan on getting some much needed exercise in soon. I won't go too nuts at first cos of the c-section but walking certainly feels great. LOL @ your DH looking forward to DTD.

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    hi girls

    just sneaking in again to get my dose of newborns lol.

    i was reading re a few of the bubs and their constipation - i found massage really helpful just gently (maybe with a bit of baby oil on 2 fingers) rub their tummy in a clockwise motion - i have needed to do this for lani before and the explosion that quite often happens puts a smile on her dial lol. on a serious note i learnt this technique from a pallative care nurse whilst i was caring for my first daughter when she had cancer, the chemo was making her very constipated and all medications failed however when i massaged her belly i could actually feel the bubbles going through the instestines - worth a try i say.

    aslo hear hear on those disgussing trolley's in the supermarket - i hate them i used lanis capsule when doing the shopping and placed it across the trolley (a little dangerous - but i held onto it) and i agree there is hardly any room in the baby ones. i have just started doing my shopping online and it is fantastic i get all the big items dog food cat food and everyday stuff - then i just take lani in the pram (lucky i have a good basket underneath) and i just by things like meat and fruit and vegie - i have found it wonderful bit hard to set up at the start but delivery is only $5 and they are always on time and i don't spend as much on stuff i don't need maybe worth a try - i will definately be doing it when lani is older to - saves all those tantrums at the checkout lol.

    okay back to my old forum - better start convincing dh on tcc again lol - already joined the pre ttc forum lol

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    Feb 2004

    Awww poor James. I hope he's ok. As for the weight loss Colleen, well done! I'm not sure how much I've lost but my tummy is going down more each day.

    Deb, you are not selfish at all. C'mon how aften do we all come in & say OMG I've had a bad day???? You always always respond to everyone else's posts so that's far from being selfish IMO. I'm glad that your new routine is working. I'm trying something different as well tonight.... I'm delayign Zander's last feed by about an hour - during the day he lasts 5hrs so I don't see why he can't of an evening. Anyway, I'm going to give him 150ml at this feed as well. ATM he's get 100ml & is supposed to go to 150 on Sunday anyway. He seems hungry after a full bottle sometimes so we'll see how it goes.

    Oh and how bad do I feel... I was making Zander's bottle at 3.30 this afternoon, I took the water out of the microwave, put it on the bench then turned round to close the microwave. I had Zander in my arms & as I turned round bumped his head on the door of the microwave - you know how they have prongs to close the door, yeah right onto one of those #-o He cried soooo much, man did I feel bad. So I gave him his bottle & he was ok, no bruises or anything, but awwww it made me cry. Poor little bubba getting bashed round the head

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    Aug 2004

    Forum Name: Fi
    State: Victoria
    Baby's DOB: 11th April 2005, 23:09
    Baby's Stats: Weight 3450g- Length 53.5cm - Head Circ 34.5cm
    Gender of Baby: Girl
    Baby Name(s): Jenna Morine
    Baby's Website: http://www.babiesonline.com/babies/s/spuddw/
    Health Concerns: None so far.....
    Notes: 11 days late, Induction, persistant occiput posterior malpresentation, forceps delivery

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    Aug 2004

    Hi Kathryn,
    Could you please add my details to the front page - FINALLY!!!!!
    Now - to get my ticker and signature sorted...... And the website! I think I should probably get some sleep at some point too - but such a rush to be at home and get 4 hrs of good sleep in my bed!!! My god it was comfortable.
    Back in a while.

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    Aug 2004

    Welcome Home Fi. Have missed ya. Jenna is beautiful. Hope u are feelin much better.

    We had a really good night here. Pheonix had a bottle at 8.30 and she slept until 12.30 for another. The next wake wasnt until 4.00am and she has just woken at 9am. Me and dh were really happy about that lol.

    I am feeling like a terrible mother. My eldest dd started coughing really badly yesterday and by last night it was uncontrollable. She couldnt even talk a full sentence. Dh took her to the hospital and its whooping cough. Now I have to keep Nixee the other end of the earth basically and I feel like I am abandoning my dd.

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    Aug 2004

    Hi again,

    Right - photos are updated on the website!! Everytime I look at her I get all teary and I can't believe we made her!!
    Deb - I will send you a shot of Gabby and jenna when I get myself organised. In the meantime, Jenna is still asleep from her morning feed, and Gramma has made a big fried breakkie, so I'm going to finally get off the internet and eat some good food. Milk is starting to come in - BB's feel like solid lumps and I only have one small blister.
    When I get my head around things I'll be able to start replying to everyone else, but I still have that floaty, surreal, whats going on thing happening.


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    Fi - Congratulations again! Just had a peek at Jenna's pics and she is beautiful.

    Kayla - It seems that Jacob and Pheonix have got identical slepp patterns! So sorry to hear that your eldest has whooping cough - not what you need right now.

    Colleen - Woo hoo on getting your sleep and the weight loss! I purposely don't have a set of scales in the house otherwise I would be stepping on them everytime I saw them, so I weigh myself when I go to visit my mum on her lovely OLD set LOL. The Friday before I had Jacob I was 14st 1lb and yesterday when I got on them I was 12st 8lb so I'm pretty happy about that.

    Well school holidays are nearly over and once again I have left the must do haircuts to the last minute. Tried to get them done on Tuesday but everywhere had kids out the door grrr. So we are of to try and get it done this morning along with popping into KMart since they have 15% off.

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    Feb 2004

    Yay Fi is here FINALLY!! Congratulations again, Jenna is just gorgeous

    Yay at finally getting some sleep Colleen.

    Awwww your poor little girl Kayla. Must be so hard to have to keep her away for the moment. She'll just have to get some extra hugs when she gets better.

    We're doing the KMart run tomorrow - 15% off here as well. Good luck with the haircuts too.

    Please someone remind me that this will get better..... I tried to give Zander a bigger bottle last night but he only had his normal 100ml from that, no big deal though. He wasn't tooo bad to start with, but decided to play between 3.55 & 6.00 so very little sleep over here AGAIN! Going to see the ECHN tomorrow so will see it I can get some info on how to get him back to sleep without having to hold him & cuddle him all the time. I love to cuddle him, but when it takes 2hrs to get him to sleep my back aches & I just get too tired.

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    May 2004

    Yay!! Welcome Fi!! =D> Jenna is such a sweety! Well done!

    Sarah... it all gets better But seriously, I hope you get reasurance from the nurse today.

    Wow Kayla, it never gets boring at your house huh? I can't believe the drama's are continuing!!

    Well after finally getting Violet to sleep at 10:30 after her 8:30 feed and bath, she slept till 3, then back in bed at 3:45 and up at 7:45. She goes straight to sleep after a feed at night. She was very upset lastnight after her 8:30 feed, not sure why... maybe she just needed a cry??


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    Aug 2004

    Hi all,

    Firstly Colleen - thank goodness I had a girl!! We were considering circ if it was a little man, and after reading that, and cuddling my little minx, I dont know if I could put a baby through it - depsite the fact I wanted to. It just seems harder when they are here??

    I'm feeling really good on the weight loss thing too - I feel like I've lost a few kgs, but I dont have scales at home so I'll just have to imagine. It will be a few weeks before I can squeeze into my size 12 jeans though.... onto the netball court with me! When they were contemplating a c/s on me if the forceps didn't work out, I said - NO!! I have to play netball - make the forceps work please! Everyone thought that was rather amusing.

    At the moment I'm having trouble relating to the sleep thing and the feeding thing. Jenna has fed twice this morning no problems at all - she loves the breast and is getting really good at attaching. You can see her little tongue flat against her mouth as soon as I tilt her - very cute. She seems to be doing everything right there, and my supply is going great guns. She's happy to be on for anywhere from 10-30mins a side, so feeding, burping and nappy change takes about 1 hr.
    She slept from 7am to about 10:30, even with us trying to wake her - we got out the vacuum cleaner, turned on telly really loud, talked and moved about. Nothing - she was very happy. And again now shes just lying in her basinnette just being placid. Probably the only problem we have had is a bit of wind, but again thats just a matter of burping her patiently.
    I'm sure things will change though - no such thing as a perfect baby!!

    Dom midwife is coming over today - we dont know when - to do the heel *****. Maybe that will get her going? And we will bath her this afternoon and have a play.
    Shane and Mum are so funny - they just keep hovering around her checking if shes awake so they can have a cuddle or a poke.

    Tanya - it sounds like things are going pretty well in your house too. I should be napping now - no doubt I'll regret it in the morning, but I am just so rested after a good nights sleep (Well all four hours of it which was FABULOUS).

    Sarah - is the hammock working? Does it rock to soothe Zander? Maybe there is something you can do to mimic your cuddling that means you can lie down too? I was pacing the corridors in the hospital holding Jenna at 11pm at night, so I know what that feels like. Bloody hiccups!!
    Poor little Zander with the bump on his head. Wait til he's crawling and you look like a child beater!! My sister always felt terrible with every bumped head at that stage. The big bruises that come out.

    Kayla - I've missed the bit about your bottle feeding? Has everything been OK? I should go back through the posts and find out how your first few days at home have been. You were home very quickly - any reason why?

    Oh - and my great news! After much farting and water drinking, I did my first number 2 last night!! Kinda scary with all the stitches. I haven't even looked down there - i'm just not game. I have no idea how many I have, but they are starting to pull and itch. OUCH!!


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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Welcome Fi!! I just LOVE the photos - especially the one of you and her on the front page of your site. I didn't tell you last night, but you look so radiant! It's like the weight of the world has been lifted off your shoulders. Jenna is sooooooooooooooo cute! She looks so tiny up against my big boofa of a baby, LOL. I will send you the photos that I took too. I am so ****ed off that my camera batteries went dead. Shane looked so cute cuddling Gabby. I tell you what, compared to Neil, Shane looks like such a natural with babies. I know he has had some practice but I always go ga-ga when I see blokes with babies. Ah, I remember when Gabby slept most of the time when we first brought her home. How short-lived that was! LOL

    Sarah - I can't believe you had another crappy night. Do they have a day stay program where you are? Might be worth your while? Poor little Zander getting his head wacked into the microwave! Still, he's probably going to get hurt stacks more as time goes on and half the time it will be your fault so you will feel rotten! Mum left me on the couch once and I fell off and cut my lip open. My Uncle (her brother) went nuts at her over it but apologised years later once he had his own kids. He figured out that sometimes things like that happen. Kids are kids, uno?

    Tanya - I hope Violet is ok. Maybe she just had a tummy ache? Hard to know why they are crying hey? We need one of those interpreters that Homer's brother made on The Simpsons, LOL.

    I got a phone call from the MCHN today. She had received a message from the helpline nurse in regards to my stressed-out phone call the other night so she moved my appointment from 2pm to 11am. I got Gabby rugged up (it's freezing today as opposed to 29 degrees just yesterday!!) and we drove up because it looked like it was going to rain (so much for my walk!). N E way, she weighed her and she has put on 510grams in 2 weeks! So she is definitely getting enough! The nurse said that it was exceptionally good. She checked over the rest of her and all is well. She said she is "bright eyed and bushy tailed" and all healthy. What a relief! Mind you, I already knew she had put on weight because Shane snuck her onto the scales in the hospital when I went to visit last night Verrrry sneaky, hehehe. She has grown 2cms in length and her head is 1.8cms bigger (for all those brains!). The nurse discussed feeding and settling with me so I have more of an idea of how to go about it all now. I put her down about 25 minutes ago. She was awake but nodded off as soon as her head hit the bed! Amazing. She said it was great that I am going to the Day Stay clinic though she said I was going great guns. She warned me about doing the comp feed and how it can cause babies to go off the breast but I assured her it is only for the night time feed and it is merely a top up. Gabby much prefers the boob n e way so I doubt she will turn to the bottle any time soon.
    So, what a relief! She is putting on weight nicely (on the high side of normal) and seems happy enough. Our 3 hourly feeding pattern is doing her the world of good. Oh, and she slept for 7 hours last night!! 8-[ 10:30pm until 5:30am! I was out like a light too and stressed out when I woke up and saw the time. I went to check on her and she stirred a little but probably would have slept longer. I brought her into my bed because it was cold and gave her a good feed. She then slept for another 2 hours next to me. So I managed to get a fantastic sleep. Wow - how a bit of routine does the trick!

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    Jul 2004

    Fi, love the photos of Jenna, so cute! Glad the BF is going well.

    Sarah, Jacob did almost the same thing to Lily about a month ago...Coz he is so tall and our ceiling lights hang down he picked Lily up and hit her head on the light. Poor thing got a bit of a bruise and a scrape.

    Deb, yay for Gabby putting on a nice amount of weight and for the 7hr sleep!

    God, you girls talk alot even with having newborns. Amazing!

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    Aug 2004
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    Fi - Just popped in to say I love the photos of Jenna, she`s beautiful but you already now that.

    Hello to all the other mums and bubs in here :wave:

    Take Care


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    Sep 2004
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    Wow what a catch up.

    Fi, welcome back girl. Jenna is such a cutie, well done. You must be very proud. Yay on your #2 too. The things we get excited about. Scarey though hey.

    Colleen, I hope James and his penis are doing ok. What a whole lot of dramas you have had lately.

    Deb, I am so jealous on the 7 hour sleep. Although when I was on here yesterday Tehya had resettled herself so she slept from 11.30am til 4.30pm, not a bad sleep, if only it was in the night or that I was sleeping while she did. I did get a little rest in though. Don't be silly saying that you go on about yourself, isn't that what we're all here for anyway and you are always here for anybody else too. Fantastic that you are gettng better sleep too and that Gabby is gaining nicely.

    Sarah, Ouchies at poor Zanders head, it won't be the last time though and before too long he will do worse to himself, hopefully not too much worse though.

    Tanya, good to hear that Violet is sleeping welll too.

    Kayla, I hope that your DD gets better soon. Croup is such a scary thing isn't it? Surely your household has had enough by now. Sounds like Nixee is doing well though.

    Nat, how is Jacob going? Hopefully all is well for you guys. I You sound as bad as me on the haircut thing. I always end up leaving it til the last minute to get the boys haircut before they go back to school, ends up being a rush everytime.

    Took Tehya into the hosp. today for her hearing test, finally. She past with flying colours, not that I had any doubts about it though. She has been sleeping pretty good too. Went down last night abit later than normal - abit afer 9.30pm I think, stirred at 12.30 but went back to sleep after I gave her her dummy til 2.30am and up again around 5ish I think back to sleep till 7.30am.

    Just picked Noah up from school and drove into my street to find Police cars out the front of the house across the road, I think they are raiding it. Nice neighbourhood hey 8-[ I think of it as incentive to save to get out of hear. I hope Mark doesn't drive too fast up the street when he comes home.

    Take care

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