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Thread: Newborn - 1 Month, June '05

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    Shannon - Sorry to hear Jessalyn has a cold and also reflux. Sorry i have not caught up on how everything went with the MRI but i promise i will soon.

    I don't have much time at the moment with MIL here. The kids have had heaps brought for them well Kimberley has more than Alex.

    When they do the scan on Thursday they are looking for "dilataion if the right ureter with a possiblity of a duplex collecting system" not to such what it means other than he might have 2 tubes coming from his right kidney. If he has this not sure what will happen next.

    I will try and catch up with you all later. I promise

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    Hey girls

    I hope little Jessalyn is feeling better soon Shannon. There is nothing worse than having a sniffly nose when you're trying to sleep. Poor kid and poor mum!

    Hope all goes well for you and Alex on Thursday Michelle. We'll be thinking of you.

    Have another child health appointment today at 12. More for my benefit than Hannah's. They seem to want to keep a close eye on me and my mental health with my history and after the shocking baby blues I had in hospital. I think everyone expects me to fall in a heap. I think I'm doing well! I can't afford to go back to being neurotic about food and weight while I am trying to ensure adequate nutrition through my breastmilk for Hannah. I just want to be a good mum!

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    hey everyone

    Stupid internet hasnt worked in days, gggrrrrrrr!!!!!
    Well now it is time to catch up again

    Shannon glad the MRI went ok
    And in relation to Luke its good sometimes and bad at others, he still has some issues about it all, but generally he has been pretty good about it.

    Mason was going great guns when i commented last time, and i knew it was all too good to be true! Now the poor thing is constipated and i think its from the faster flow teats i used the other day but who knows, so have gave him some water with brown sugar yesterday and started a bit of something happening, but might give him more today, poor thing is in so much pain with it.

    Any other suggestions that you might of got from health nurse to fix the problem would be appreciated as well.

    So had my first crap day yesterday morning but not so bad considering it took me nearly two weeks to have one, but i slept when he slept so made it a bit better.

    Glad to see everyone else is going well with it all and i have avoided co sleeping this time around even though its so tempting, but i cant do it with the quilt and stuff on my bed, Luke was a summer baby so i knew he had nothing to get tangled in.

    Had a scare the other morning i thought i better check on Mason and when i did the wrap he had on was wrapped all around his face, when i took it off he was gasping for breath, nearly had a heart attack!
    Told hubby he needs to wrap him better when he feeds him in the morning, he didnt realise though so i couldnt really get too angry with him.

    Well i think i have rambled enough for one post lol

    Take care

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