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thread: Newborn to 1 Month, March '05

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    Hi Girls,

    Fi, Happy due date. Hopefully all that aching is the start of something for you. Fingers crossed Spud comes out soon. Tehya still fits into some 0000 but she is getting abit too long for them, still skinny around the waist though and some of the 000 are still way too big for her.

    Sarah, Zander sounds just like Brandon was and he had reflux pretty bad, I was told to give him some gaviscon or mylanta before his feeds to keep it down. He was bf til he was 9 months old and they told me to do it for as long as possible as it is easier to digest, I'm sure that there are formulas made for bubs with reflux. It is more common in little boys too I was told. Sorry that he is being extra fussy on you atm, as with most things with bubs trying to sort out his problems is all trial and error. As my MIL tell her to look after Zander for a couple of hours and she'll change her mind.

    Deb, sounds like the comp feed is working for Gabby, the lady at the chemist gave me some little sample sachets on Wednesday because I told her I was thinking about starting Tehya on a noghtly comp feed occasionally just to give me a bit of a break and fill her up abit more. She gave me Karicare SensiKare. Apparently it is good for bubs being breastfeed as it is more sensitive to their stomachs. Have yet to try it though. She also said that because Tehya has red hair tha she is more susseptible (sp) to allergies so this milk was good for that too. Who knows?? Fantastic about Gabby's weight gain, before you know it she will have the rolls too, Tehya is starting to get them, and a double chin. Why is it cute on a baby but when it comes to adults it's just not the same, I guess it's like celulite hey.

    I brought Tehya some of the Nuk dummies today from Target too, they have a sale on Nuk stuff atm. Haven't tried her with it yet. I hope that she likes it - they cost me $8 something for the 2, normally she just has the HappyBaby one, thats what I originally brought for her. Went out shopping today and Tehya slept almost the whole time only waking just before I was ready to go, nearly 3 hours later 8-[ so I stopped to give her boobie and a bum change then we left and went to Mums house for a while before grabbing Noah from Pre school. What a day, I'm stuffed and she's sleeping, I must have worn her out with all that shopping. She really is like her mummy

    Take care

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Thanks for the advice re. the formula, Trish. Will see how Gabby goes with the S26 Gold and if it doesn't agree with her, I might try the karicare sensicare. LOL @ Tehya being just like her Mummy with shopping. I can't wait until I can start taking Gabby out. I want to try and get the BF the normal way down pat first as there is no way I can do it descreetly the way I do it now (flashing belly AND booby - very attractive!). Let us know how you go with the nuk dummies. I just like how they mould to bubs' face - it makes it easier for them to hold it in place.

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    I'm using Karicare Sensikare for Zander without too many hassles Trish, so hopefully it will be ok for Tehya. LOL at her enjoying shopping as much as her mum!

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