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thread: Newborn - 1 Month, September/October '05

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    Feb 2005

    Hi October girls (congratulations on the births of your beautiful little bundles) and hi to other new mum's :smt039

    Do you think it would be ok if I joined in with the newborn thread? I haven't been posting much since Gussyboy was born 'cause things were so frantic while he was progressing through the NICU. Little Gussyboy has finally hit newborn size and weight and is behaving like one to - so I guess this is the forum that we "fit" best into.... It's so lovely to have our little boy home. I'd really like to share in the newborn experience with you all.

    Gus is on 3 hour feeds - breast first (using a nipple shield at this stage) with bottle top ups of expressed breast milk ('cause he's still not a good sucker). Gus is suffering quite a bit from colic unfortunately mostly overnight and screams for a good hour or more following each feed so not much sleep for mummy (in fact I haven't had more than two hours total sleep overnight since he's been home - thank goodness for daytime catch up naps!). He's not yet quite well enough to be out in the big wide world so we haven't yet been able to join our local CFH centre. We currently have a NICU nurse visiting us at home once a week to keep an eye on things. The colic problem's been a little tough so we had a day stay at Tresillian on Monday to try to help with settling him through his colic phases and help with feeding.

    My details...

    Forum Name: Kirsty EW
    State: NSW
    Baby's DOB: 22 July 2005 (but should have been born in early October)
    Baby's Stats at birth: W-1010g L-34.5cm HC-25.5cm
    Baby's Stats on 20 October: W-2680g L-45.5cm HC-34.4cm
    Gender of Baby: Male
    Baby Name(s): Fergus Calvin
    Baby's Website: none yet
    Health Concerns: extreme prematurity; reflux, colic
    Notes: After a complicated pregnancy (bleeding heavily from week 5 'til week 19, slow leak of amniotic fluid from week 19, total rupture of membrane at 24wks) Fergus was born 11 weeks premature by emergency caesarean. He was very sick at birth. Very low birthweight (1010g); low apgars (1 at 1 min and 6 at 5 mins); severe respiratory distress; an infection, anaemia & severe jaundice (requiring phototherapy for 3 weeks and four blood transfusions); pulmonary hypertension; patent ductus arteriosus and hypospadias. He was admitted to the NICU from theatre suffering severe hyaline membrane disease requiring treatment with surfactant; received high frequency ventilation for 40 hours; regular ventilation for 5 days, and CPAP for 16 days. He was weaned to air after 24 days. He suffered from recurrent apnoea and bradycardia. He had a grade 1 intraventricular haemmorrhage on the left and a grade 2 on the right. He was discharged from hospital after 63 days in the NICU. He's been admitted back to hospital once since his original discharge and is now hopefully home for good.

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    Kirsty I have put your details in the 3mth - 6mth forum since he is 3mths old but feel free to post in here as well. You can post where ever you like.


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    Feb 2005
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    Kirsty - its so good to have you in here!!! of course you can join us! it must be great to have gus home, but the long nights must be wearing you down. i hope his reflux improves soon.

    Emma had a good night last night. still up at 1am and 4am, but not for too long.

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    Nov 2004
    Bonnie Doon

    Hi Kirsty - glad to hear Gus is doing well. You must be so exhausted! I agree daytime naps are definitely the way to go - I'm a zombie without them.

    Last night Louis was up every 2.5 - 3 hours and this morning I tried to go to work but had to come home because he was screaming for more food after only 3/4 hour after finishing his last feed! He then had a really big feed and is now asleep. I'm assuming this is because he's got lots of growing to do but it's hard sometimes. I was thinking maybe I didn't have enough milk but that doesn't seem to be the case. I think it just feels that way because their not big hard boobs anymore! hehe.

    It will be interesting to see what his weight gain is for this week - I have Maternal health care check up on Monday. It better be impressive with all of this guzzling! It's funny to think his due date is tomorrow and he'll be turning 2 weeks - hehe!

    Have a good one and take it easy!

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    Oct 2004
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    kirsty,so good to hera from you,i realise now and it makes you appreciate what you have when i read your story,you are an amazing,strong woman,dont forget to have some sanity time even if it just a bit of adult conversation through the day,dont allow yourself to be lonely and struggling on your own as it cant be too good for your own mental health,i know i got a really bad case of pnd with my first as i was so isolated and had no one to help.you must look forward to the nurse visiting each week.i really look forward to catching up with you more now in this thread,i beleive this is exactly where you belong
    kristie,WORK!!!!!!you are amamzing,i hope you can manage to handle both,is dh looking after louis while you are away at the dance studio.
    well i have weighed myself and was shocked to find that i weigh less than when i fell prg.i am 62.7 kilos.amazing.
    little girl is still sleeping well.cant beleive it really.
    gotta go she is waking

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    Feb 2005
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    OMG nikki - i am so jealous!!!

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    Just locking this thread girls and creating a new one.


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