thread: How long (TMI)

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    Sep 2006

    How long (TMI)

    I was just wondering how long should you have a discharge after having a baby.

    My baby was born 5 weeks ago today and I'm still having a yellowish discharge. I was under the impression that everything would have finished by now.

    Any info would be a great help.

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    FluffyLaRue Guest

    I've had discharge for about 7 weeks on and off with all 4 of mine. I think it's pretty normal

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    Jul 2007
    Over the rainbow

    I had discharge for about a month. But it's different for all women. I also think it's pretty normal.

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    Nov 2006

    6 weeks and bloody right until the last couple of days for me, even after c section.

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    Apr 2007

    I think it was about 6 weeks or so for me, but like Nadine says, everyone is different. I've heard of women bleeding for up to 12 weeks or so after giving birth.

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    Oct 2004

    I had about 5 - 6 weeks of bleeding and discharge.

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    Jun 2007

    I had a CS 2wks ago and only bled for 5-6 days and then a brown discharge for a day or two. Nothing since. Sorry to highjack post but is that ok too or should i be worried that it wasnt any more? I was told by a midwife on day 5 when i told her bleeding was next to nothing that it was ok but if i over did it it would increase.

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    Sep 2006

    Thanks for all the info. I was hoping it would be all over by now but I suppose everything just builds up while your pregnant. Just sick of using pads/liners all the time.
    I also had a c/s and for some reason was under the impression that it wouldn't take this long. Oh the things we learn along the way

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    Jul 2007
    Over the rainbow

    I only expected to bleed for like a day or two after a c/s too !!!!!!!!
    And sounds like the thing that got me is exactly what got you - the pads/liners!! I hate those things!!

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