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Thread: ouch! tampons really hurting!

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    Default ouch! tampons really hurting!

    I've just got my period back after having my son 4 months ago. I had a c/s.

    I'm using tampons...but it really hurts when I'm putting them in. It's almost like there is something there that is blocking it...and I have to push through the 'mass' and then it's okay...but it's getting to the point that I dread having to change my tampon.

    Is this pain normal?

    My 6 week check up was fine...

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    oh, i was gonna say scar tissue but then i re-read it and you had a c-section..... i cant think of anything. i hope someone else can be of more help to u.

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    I would suggest seeing a GP or gyno about it. Did you dilate at all during labour? There could still be some healing issues if you did.

    Also maybe its dry?? Sorry if TMI but maybe you need to use something like KY to help...

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    I had the same thing after my c-section. I just used pads

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    I also had the same thing after my CS - It was only the first day or two of using tampons then the pain stopped & it was easier.

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