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Thread: What was your body like straight after birth?

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    Straight after I gave birth, I looked a lot thinner because I retained fluid like nobody's business when I was pregnant. I have stretch marks on my calves instead of my thighs, thats how bad the fluid retention was!!

    Straight after my waters broke (before I gave birth), my tummy became quite soft and looked a bit deflated. Straight after I gave birth, I thought I looked terrible. Everything was so saggy and wobbly and hung funny lol. Nearly four months after, the situation has improved dramatically. My tum is still fairly soft and hangs a little, but it doesn't look all deflated and wonkily stretched out. It still sticks out a bit because my muscles haven't finished regaining their tone (not because I'm a tad fat or anything lmao), but I look a lot better than I thought I would.

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    well yep to all of the above the 'waterbed belly' swollen vagina, stitches, I managed to miss the swollen feet but nobody else mentioned the unmentionable........Hemeroids!!!!! I'm still battling with mine and the dc's won't do anything to fix them because I want to have at least one more baby.

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    haha all of the above!!! I also have bad pigmentation on my tummy and not to mention it is so saggy. Oh well, the things we go through to have babies, but its all worth it

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    Straight after birth my tummy was like an empty sack of potatoes, it made me pretty ****ed off as I had the weird idea that id look like Carmen Electra 5 min after the birth! It took me probably until my daughter was about 6months old until I regained my post baby weight (and to my suprise I ended up weighing less that I did pre-baby)
    However....certain things have never sat quite the same and my tummy is not as strong or as tight looking as it once was... my stretchmarks are very vague and barely noticeable.
    How your body looks after having a baby really is not a priority at the time, you may think it will be but you will have so many other things to occupy your time with that you'll forget about what you look like, including what day it is, whether its day or night or what your name is. Just buy a pair of tracky daks and a bonds tshirt and stress later... it wont happen over night but it will happen.
    You need to eat well also, dont skimp on food to lose weight if your breast feeding, you need all your energy and goodness in your milk for your little bubs. You'll be fine :-)

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