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    rinaevita Guest

    Default contraceptive


    Just wondering if anyone has had symptoms like this when comng off depo?

    Have felt nausea, sore boobs (Especially nipples)
    TTC at the moment but not happening at all!!!!
    Very frustrating!!! The nipples are getting little white pimples on them????? Took a preg test but came back it possible that the test is not picking it up????
    Dont know what to think.
    Gyno gave me some clomid but i do not know whether to take it as this contraceptive has seemed to do a number on me??????


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    Hey mate, how long have you been off the depo for? I went off in Dec06 and it took me until Feb this year to fall. My cycles were out of whack for ages. I ended up taking vitex (a herb) to help after consulting a naturopath, but i know that's not for everyone. It regulated my cycles after only taking it for a couple of months. I stopped it once it had done what I wanted.
    I had the nausea too, but that may be because AF is on it's way, you're Oing or your pregnant...symptoms are eerily similar unfortunately.
    The white bits are just your nipple's oils from the glands of montgomery - nothing to worry about.
    It is possible the test isn't picking it up - have you got one for 25mmol/l and under?
    I don't know about clomid, but I know it's a powerful drug with many side effects. My gynae just wanted me to wait the effects of the depo to wear off. She said it was much safer for my body.

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    rinaevita Guest

    Unhappy Contraceptive

    Hi Kim,

    Thnks for your reply.
    I had my last shot in September 07, the shot was supposed to run out on 20 Dec. So nearly 6 months. (Not long i know) Im so impatient!!!

    Its just that i have only had my things for 2.5 days since stopped taking depo.

    Bit confused really.

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    rinaevita Guest

    Default Contraception

    Hi Kim,

    What did you mean by 25mmol/1, about the preg test???
    Sorry, forgot to ask that one.

    Maybe i should go see natropath???

    Might give it a go.
    Thank you very much for your help.

    Hope to keep in touch!


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    SOme tests require more HCG to be in your urine before it can pick it up. Less than 25mmol/l is quite a sensitive test.

    Yep that was why I went to see a naturopath, to get AF back on track.

    6 months is long enough to get impatient - I totally understand.

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