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Thread: Mid-Cycle Bleeding - HELP

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    Hi guys

    This is the 3nd time, and the 2nd time in a row that I have started bleeding during mid cycle since the birth of my son. However the small amount of blood that I am loosing is black/brown. It isnt like the start of my periods. The last time this happened I stopped taking the pill assuming that my period had started only for it to arrive 2 days later.

    I have heard that I could be that the pill dose isnt strong enough. I didnt have any problems when I was taking this pill (levlenED) before I fell pg. But if this is the case, does this mean that I have not been protected since starting this pill after the birth???

    Renee x

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    I had mid cycle bleeding start when my daughter was 17mths old (my 1st child) & it went on for another 3 more period cycles

    I went to the GP when it had been happening for 2 cycles & had my iron levels tested (which came back fine) & then went onto have an internal-ultrasound.

    Turned out I had a cyst but not one that needed removing.

    It only happened for those 4mths & never again. That was 6mths ago

    The IVF specialist said it wouldn't interfere with trying to get pregnant again.

    I do remember in the early stages when I saw my GP she said mid cycle bleeding can happen for a few different reasons & she DIDN"T look concerned AT ALL. So, that's hopefully a positive for you

    Sorry can't help with much more info

    It's so annoying as you feel like you are having a 28 day period with having to wear sanitary pads, etc ... most of the month, Augh !!


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    Yep I get it as well, dr told me the first year can be a bit funny because of the pregnancy hormones in your system, I bleed mid-cycle and it's annoying!! I was told I had to wait 12months before they'd consider trying a different pill, yeah thanks!! You are protected, it's just your body vs. lingering preggie hormones and trying to get itself sorted as to what's happening. I was told no matter what just keep taking it so tempting to stop but not ready for bubs #2 yet!

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