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Thread: How about this for a radical idea?

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    Default How about this for a radical idea?

    What if everything was always "fair". Maybe to "perfect" our spirit we choose to endure hardship and suffering here on Earth? What if in the Heaven dimension our spirits decide to put our mortal bodies into a situation where hardship will be endured so to strengthen a particular aspect of spirit-being? How better than to become a perfect, Angelic, entity than to experience suffering so to have complete empathy for suffering? We expect God to understand when we are in pain don't we? How does he gain that understanding? What if this was one of the reasons we exist? Can you have total empathy without experiencing pain?

    This does not excuse people who deliberately create suffering.

    What do people think?
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    I was told that our spirit is sent to this world to learn what it didnt learn last time around and when you see or know someone that seems to be have a perfect life like thay are truely blessed its because its the last time there spirit will be sent to this world before becoming a guide or angel as they have learned all the lesson they have to learn. So the same is said for people who seem to have a real crappy run in life their spirit is new and still has many things to learn. Iykwim

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    The soul has will but no force, only physical form has force. Thus to change the shape (to attain the perfect shape) of our soul we need a physical body, but encased in it we are blind as to what we're supposed to be doing. We can only SEE when we are outwith physical form, but we can only DO when we are within it.

    It is like trying to find a path in a room with no light. You have a map but you can only see it when you're not in the room. Or trying to form a piece of clay with a blindfold on. You can only touch the clay when you are blind and only see it when you have no hands. When you can see without your eyes, or touch without your hands, you are perfect.


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    I think we are here to learn how hard life would be without God, so that at the second coming of Christ we can be 'saved'. Why would we have any reason to choose God if we hadn't seen what it's like without him?

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    From a Christian's point of view, if life was fair, then Jesus couldn't have taken the punishment for our sins, and then where would we be? Unfairness can be a good or bad thing. Grace and forgiveness isn't fair, but I benefit from other's graciousness and forgiveness all the time.

    I think you can have empathy without experiencing pain. Once again from a Christian perspective, I believe God made everything and knows everything. Who then, would understand every emotion better than it's creator?

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