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    Hey Girls

    I am a newbie, but not to the miscarriages side
    My hubby and I started trying to have kids in 07, the first month, bang we were pregnant. But two days later we had a miscarriage. To be honest I wasnt really sad, I was pretty excited that I could actually get pregnant. So we got back on the horse (so to speak lol) and tried straight away. Woohoo take two we were pregnant again, at about 7 weeks our Dr man wanted us to get a u/s just make sure everything was running smoothly, which it was, the size was perfect and the heart flicking. But at our 12 weeks our world fell apart and found out our bub had died at 8 weeks. It was horrible as I was sure this time everything was prefect as we saw our little heat.
    We decided to wait a couple of months before trying again, and you guess it, we were pregnant woo hoo. I had such a good feeling about this. We ended up being u/s junkies, having one a 6, 8 and 10 weeks, bubs was perfected. At about 14 weeks we had a u/s and baby was the right size and the heart was beating so perfectly. But fluid behind her neck was at 6.7 mm and things didnt look good. My heart felt like it was being stomped on and I was crying so hard. The doctor ask us to go for a Cvs test, which we done and it comfirmed our baby had tripliody (were two semen implanted the same egg)

    After that we really didnt have a chose and our Dr wanted to go in for a d&c before the 15 week mark otherwise I would of have to be introduce into labour. I honestly felt like a murderer, my little girl was still alive when that happened.

    After that it took about about 9 mths to get pregnant but I still had scars from losing our little girl Mollie. When we finally got pregnant, I was hoping my bad luck had disappeared. But at 6 weeks I have horrible back pain with brown spotting (sorry tmi) and the baby had died on March 29th.

    My doctor still believes its bad luck, but now will start doing testing to see what is going on with me in 6 weeks time. IBut I am so worried that I will never get our baby. I'm too sarced to think of our future. Thanks for letting me vent, i guess I am so mad still.
    I guess I am so numb from it, but its funny, I actually handle it better this time, I guess in a weird way Im getting stronger.

    baby dust

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    So sorry for all your losses.

    My BF had the same probs. She kept on miscarrying (about 6-7 times from memory), had an ectopic, lost an almost full term baby due to pre-eclampsia and now she has 2 wonderful babies.

    It will happen, you will get lucky one day. Please don't lose hope.

    Thinking of you. xxoo

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    Thanksso much Turkish Delight,

    I sooo need positive stories right now, I'm trying to turn my negativity into a positive one. I am so happy I can actually get pregnant, I know there is sooo many woman who have soo much trouble getting pregnant, and I can. It really feels like the lotto tho, each time I get pregnant I daydream on how great life will could be. Just waiting for my number to come up and stay up.

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    Default reinvent themselves

    I was just wondering, did anyone after their miscarriage(s) try to reinvent themselves? 4 example, I have notice each miscarriage I have, I dye my hair blonde and buy new clothes. Its mainly to try and forget and make myself feel better, it really doesnt work. But I lost my baby last week and today I went to the hairdressers and went from red to blonde.
    Am I the only one who does this?

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    i think this fits into that terrible category of normal and who cares if it does not

    do what ever you need to do that helps you feel better ever if it only lasts for 5 mins,
    Hope you dreams come true soon

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    Im so sorry for all your losses

    I hope you get your wish soon.

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    I am so sorry for the struggles, loss and pain you have had to face.
    Dont be scared to ask your doctor for tests. I just had screening tests and they found a problem with me, which does have treatment, so I am glad I asked for the tests.
    I hope you get your forever baby very soon

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    You are an incredibly strong and resiliant woman. I am so sorry for all your losses , no one should go through what you have gone through. I've had one late loss at 20 weeks, and I just can't imagine having 4. You are so brave for wanting to try again, until you have that beautiful little baby to love and spoil.
    As you seem to get pg very easily, I would suggest as many tests as possible to look at why you're losing your precious bubs. Sometimes a very simple solution is available hun. Please seek help as soon as possible, and keep looking until they can expain why this is happening. I know with 3 or more losses, they like to investigate. I'll keep everything crossed for you hun and pray you get your healthy miracle soon!!
    As for reinventing yourself, go for it!!!! There is no right or wrong in this grieving process. Do what feels good to you and even if something makes you even slightly happy, go for it!! It is so important to have some hope in your heart, this is what gets us all going and dare to dream big. If you feel good about yourself, you will feel good about everything else.
    Good luck hun, I pray for you very hard
    Beata xxx

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