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Thread: Eulogy's

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    to all who had the strength to share.

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    Naenae, I wept as I read your touching story and the such sad loss of Nakita. Your stregth throughout the miracle of her 7 days is amazing.

    I am sending you loads and loads of to you and your family.

    Tiffany hun I'm so sorry for Lachlan also.

    They are both bright stars shining down onto you both.

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    thank you to all for sharing i commend you all and what a very special idea Nae i cannot imagine the tears that were shed when writing the euogy for a son or daughter.

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    i just wanted to see what beautiful people you must be to share your heart breaking stories and emotions with us so that you can help others. Such a selfless act. Your little angels would be so proud of you. You have done such a good thing to honour their memory by sharing your grief in order to help others.

    i admire your strength, your love for your angels and the drive you have to keep their memories alive to help others.
    take care

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    Thinking of you today Nae, on this 4 month Angelverssary.
    I am sure Nikita is shining her light down on you.

    All the love in the world to you and your Family

    x x x x

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    Default Madison rose

    First - nae nae - i think this is a wonderful idea for people who are grieving and i think your daughters eulogy was beautiful! So touching and deeply personal! Thank you so much for allowing us all to share in her memory.
    I thought i would share our daughters service that was written up by our celebrant with input with us. She has been a part of our family for a few years now, having also done the service for our angel baby Jack last year and the naming days for our 2 earth babies. She wrote our feelings etc into a service perfectly, as we too could never have found the strength to do it ourselves at such a time!

    Before we begin, Dan will you please light Madisons candle. (represents flame of life)
    We join together today, to honour the life of Madison Rose.
    A new member of the family always brings change in both reality and anticipation.
    madison already had her place in the family home, in the planned holiday, in the new cubby house, in the daily lives of her older brother and sister and in the hearts and minds of her extended family.
    Jo and dans feelings can be expressed by the following words:
    "sometimes your memory will push its way into my mind, its not that i don't want to think of you or miss you terribly but that remembering you brings tears to my eyes and an ache in my heart. It makes me remember all the pain inside me and makes afresh the wounds inside my soul, makes the emptiness overwhelm me, until i cannot feel anything but hurt and anger, and helplessness. Nver will i forgot you or stop hurting but i hop sometime when your memory pushes itself into my mind it won't be so hard to remember you and i'll smile at the clouds in the sky knowing your angel wings have flown you there."
    madison certainly made her physical presence felt before her birth, with non stop somersaults, but was deteremined at almost every ultrasound to avaoid inspection by refusing to budge. She already had her dads feet and the same long fingers as her brohter and sister. to her family she appeared as a tiny but beautiful sleeping baby girl.
    josh will always tell people proudly that their are 6 people in his family and Emily constantly misses her sister. They both hold closely the memory of their little brother Jack and now Madison. they are fortunate to have caring sensible parents who ensure that they know their younger brother and sister and share in their loss. their memories will not be clouded by confusion -they will be aware of the relaities and the part they played in shaping their family.
    jo and dan, you loved your baby for her entire life. That in itself is a gift. there is no magic date when you will feel instantly healed, it is a lifelong process. the hurt will lessen but there may be days when sadness overcomes and that is a natural part of how we grieve. you have loving and supportive parents and friends and the constant unquestioning love of josh and Emily to sustain you.
    This little girl, Madison rose, for all too short a time, shared her familys journey of life. it is a time to bid her farewell with all the love that would have nurtured her throughout her life.
    "a rose...
    its petals represent the gentle feeling we have
    its leaves represent our outstretched arms
    we give you this rose for you are special to us
    each time we look at a rose we'll treasure your memory
    when we catch its fragrance floating in the gentle breeze, we'll remember
    for you are special to us
    keep this rose and the love in our hearts and when we meet again, bring them back to us"
    (balloons/roses released)

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