thread: i didn't know this would be so hard

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    I know exactly what you mean by wishing you hadn't told certain people. One of my coworkers actually came up to me and said "I heard about your miscarriage. Thats' why my wife didn't tell anyone." I was SHOCKED!!!! I asked him "Are you implying that if I had kept it to myself that my baby wouldn't have died?" I'm coming to realize just how insensitive people are. Sometimes I wished I hadn't told anyone and I could just grieve on my own without the comments or judgements of others. You have my sympathy and my prayers Belfie.

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    lilium Guest

    Oh Belfie,
    Who can know the pain until it is experienced? I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Your sibs in laws probably had no idea how to deal with this sensitive issue. Some people are just more comfortable with avoiding difficult issues than dealing with them. Perhaps they thought if they brought it up it would upset you further. Not everyone knows how to support others. Sometimes you need to turn to those who have been there.
    I had M/C last month and can totally identify with your feelings of loss. Everything just seems foggy and I know my work just doesn't seem so important anymore. The world just keeps turning regardless of whether you want it too or not. Perhaps it is a good thing that life continues, it forces you to keep on keeping on.
    You are in my prayers.


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