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Thread: Lost my baby at 10 weeks

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    Default Lost my baby at 10 weeks

    I am new to the forum and already feel that I am not alone. I am 42 and found out Iwas pregnant for the second time (my son is 7). Becuase of illness I had delayed having a second and then thought that it was probably too late for a number of reasons. Anyway nature intervened and I fell pregnant in early Aug. mixed feelings were replaced by joy once I had told my husband and he was OK with it. We were just about to tell friends and family when I began to bleed (I had only just confided in my best friend - thank goodness I did because she was a supporton the day). Wnt to the obstetrician and as soon as the ultrasound screen came on I knew something was wrong. My precious baby had died some weeks earlier and I had what was called a missed abortion...just so devestating....3 weeks on and I am getting there but like today I have my moments where I just want to cry and cry; at first I looked for "reasons" to what I had done to cause it, I've just about stopped that and the intense anger (at no-one) isgoing- sounds crazy but I keep looking for some sign that all will be OK and that i will have another baby. My husband and I have agreed to try again but only for a year...but I'm 42 and who knows? Seeing the obstrician next week - scared silly to what he might say.

    My thoughts go out to you all


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    Sally..... hun I am so very sorry for the loss of your precious angel ..... please give your self time, allow yourself to cry, scream, yell ...... sending you lots hugs xxxx

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    Im so sorry for you loss. Be kind to yourself and your DH and take your time to grieve.


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    Sal I'm so sorry for your loss I hope you see your dreams realised soon.

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    Big big hugs to you Sally, I know exactly how you feel I had a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks in early October, almost 5 weeks ago. This month has been one of the most awful months in my entire life.

    I too am feeling like you, some days I am quite good and other days I feel like I could just cry. I think it is just best to go with how you feel, if you need to cry, cry. It is still very hard to talk about it to anyone without crying, but at least I can think about it now and not cry - most of the time anyway. I just try to keep thinking that time will help to heal the pain - I know it will.

    I saw my ob last week and he was very reassuring - he says there is an 80% chance I will go on to have a healthy baby. I am gradually starting to get some positivity back and believe that this will be the case. And I'm sure it will be for you too!

    All the best xx

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    Sorry to hear you sad news.
    I lost my baby last year and as time goes by it does get easier, I'm not saying that I don't have bad days just not as often.
    Take Care

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    Hi Sally , sorry to hear of your loss, i to have just lost my little angle, some days are just so hard. It is good to cry and let it out. Sending you a big hug.

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    Sal, so very sorry for your loss. We all know what you are going through & how tough the path is....
    I hope you get good news from the Ob & are sharing good news with us all again soon. All the best
    on your next TTC journey. Hugs to you too Bettyboop.

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