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    Hey guys

    I had a twin blighted ovum in Dec 2007 -Jan 2008. This is my story

    We found out we were pregnant again - which was a planned pregnancy 12 weeks ago today. At 6.5 weeks we decided to have a scan and see how many I had in there. We found out there was twins again, but the sacs were empty. We were quite optimistic that they would grow and we'd have 2 sets of twins under 2 years of age. It didnt scare us that much considering how well we handle the ones we have already.

    3 weeks later and after 3 scans the diagnosis is a twin blighted ovum. Which means conception occured, but the babies died early on and my body being a very maternal body held onto the pregnancy as it didnt know the babies were no longer alive. At 11 weeks and 3 days I started to bleed a little, only lightly and it lasted for 3 days.

    We spent NYE up to mansfield and we came home and whilst in the car I started to FULLY miscarry. This was New Years Day. HAPPY NEW YEARS TO ME I had to go in an ambulance to the hospital and they are pretty sure I was hemorrhaging. I lost ALOT of blood and me and DH were completely amazed and horrified at the amount. It soaked 2 towels and the car seat and my pants, a pad was absolutely no where near enough and they were soaked within one contraction.

    The pains were worse than my labour with the boys. All in my back too like my labour pains were. I mean really, I was sorta in labour! I know now how my cat felt when she gave birth to her kittens - the clots were almost the same size!!

    I was booked in for 7am on Thursday to have a D&C and have this whole horrifying ordeal over and done with. Im so traumatised by it. No way in HELL would I have thought it would be like that. It was GUSHING and so so so horrible.

    I had all my bloods done and although my temp was high and I was a little anemic thanks to my major blood loss, I didnt need a transfusion. So I went home and bleeding stopped for almost a whole day.

    On Wednesday, contractions and bleeding started again at 4:30pm, and I had a bit of dinner (WHOOPS) after that.

    Got to the hospy after losing clots again at about 7pm. The bleeding wasnt too bad, a lil less than the day before but then after sitting down in a room full of people in emergency I ran to the toilet. I completly soaked through my pants, undies, blood running down my legs and pooling in my thongs, about 3 maternity pads and a full roll of toilet paper. ALOT of clots and blood went into the toilet also so Im glad I didnt get to see exactly how much I lost.

    I then came out of the toilet, DH saw the look on my face and knew it was bad and by this time I was cramping pretty badly. I went to the Triage Nurse and told her id just filled the toilet. I ran back to the toilet and within about 2 mins (which is what it took the nurse to come and clean the toilet) I had used another toilet roll, clots everywhere in the toilet, blood everywhere on me and the nurse then took my case a little more seriously and called for help straight away.

    I was sent straight into the E.R. and onto a bed and I was in a massive amount of pain. I was almost throwing up because of it. I am PETRIFIED of needles and the drip and I didnt even feel it going in I was in so much pain. It was one long contraction. They gave me maxalon (but a different type of maxalon that im not allergic to) and morphine and after that the pains subsided quite alot.

    I still was gushing and gushing blood out of me, and the Docs couldnt even see my cervix at all because of the blood and clots. I was then given a drug to try stop the bleeding and I was told I would be put into surgery in less than an hour.

    I went up to surgery and I was told because I had eaten less than 3 hours before the op they would have to press on my throat while I go under. I freaked out a little at that. It was dangerous because I had eaten so soon before and because of all the bleeding over the last few days the food would definitly be still sitting there because it slows down all the non essential body processes like the stomach etc. I had the needle then a gas mask over me and I counted to 11 breaths and I was out. I dont even remember them doing the throat thing.

    So I wake up and thats it. I couldnt feel much pain at all and ive barely bled since. This morning I made no fuss about the blood test and hardly winced. Im pretty proud of how I handled it all cos I haaaate needles. Especially because it turned life threatening pretty quickly and I held it together very well.

    Now Im paying for this all though. We had to wait for 4 hours for them to decide whether or not to give me a transfusion as my blood levels were so low and my blood pressure was low too. They decided not to, and Im home now but I have to mega dose myself up on Iron, Vit C and red meats etc for the next 2 weeks. I cant do any heavy lifting and basically stay in bed for 2 weeks.

    Id like to say thanks to my family and of course my gorgeous husband. I guess all these things that he does for me makes me so proud of him and makes me sure of the reasons why I married this wonderful man. Hes too perfect sometimes, and hes learnt very well of what I want and stuff. He bought all the right clothes, apart from undies lol So I had to wear these nice holey disposable ones that were soooo hot lol.

    So theres what ive been up to. It has made me and both DH realise how much we love our kiddies we have on this earth (not that we didnt already but its a good reminder of the strength of the love) and we will always miss out little angels.
    My last m/c was only today....I had a million positive test and I got my BT results back and it was at a level of 6. ONLY 6. So I started bleeding this morning. I had a similar thing happen last month too.

    So Im going to see someone now to try and work out why I keep m/c.

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    I just wanted to offer a huge cyber hug for you and your DH and your Angels...

    I am in tears reading your story, i am so sorry you have indured so much!!

    I have had similar problems with getting many a double line only to have AF come a little later every month.. on one of my HCG tests i got a level of 9, by the time the Dr called me in to see him i was already bleeding

    In the three months proir to conceiving little Mr. Sprout i got positive HPTs EVERY month... and then AF. I still no idea why or what i did differently the month Little Sprout decided to stick (besides drinking tooheys Old beer- seriously!!) But i know just how frustrating it can be, especially when people are trying to mean well and keep saying "a line is a line- you are pregnant!!" For me i had to stop telling people i got a line just cause i knew it didnt mean good news....

    Finally i did get a very strong positive and it stuck...(21 weeks, so far so good) i wish you the same luck, and i hope you can maybe get some answers to why this is happening to you before you hop back on what i call the Scariest Roller Coaster Ride in the world.

    Hugs to you again, take care of you and your DH (sounds like you have a pretty darn good one there) and your Angels on earth while you miss and greive for your Angels in the sky......

    Hugs from StarBright

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