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    Default Please Help!!!!

    Hi. I Was 6wks Pg When I Started Bleeding On Sunday Night And After A Few Blood Tests I Found Out Yesterday That As I Thought I Am Having A M/c.
    My Doctor Yesterday Told Me To Wait It Out For A Week To See If My Body Will Pass Everything Naturally But Other Then That Didn't Give Me Any More Info. Such As How Much Blood Am I Ment To Lose? How Much Pain Should I Be In? How Long Until My Body Goes Back To Normal And I Can Try Again?
    My Feeling's Are All Over The Place. My Husband Is Not Very Supportive As To Him I Was Only 6wks And Says We Can Just Try Again. But Im Sad About This Loss. I Know I Can Try Again But He Doesn't Understand.
    I Dont Know What The Next Stages Are. Should I Go For A Check Up? If So When? Should I Have A U/s To See If My Body Is Passing Everything?
    If Any One Can Help Me With Any Answers To Get Me Through This As Im Very Close With My Family But We Had Not Told Anyone I Was Pg Yet And I Dont Want To Tell Them Now As They Will All Feel Sorry For Me Any Make Me Feel Worse.

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    Firstly -

    Life begins at conception so you have every right to grieve for your loss. Yes you will go on and have a healthy bub one day but you will always hold a special place in your heart for this angel bub.

    It's a good idea to have a blood test after m/c to make sure your hcg level has returned to pre-pregnancy levels. 5 or less is considered not-pregnant. If your hcg doesn't go down then you may still have pg tissue and you may need to have an u/s and then d&c. I bled for around a week - 10 days after both of my m/c but I had a d&c after both of mine as I wanted to do some tests to see if we could find a cause (in both cases it's unexplained - that is very common). I would write all of your questions down and go and see a GP, it's very reassuring to hear some answers from them.

    Usually they tell you to wait one or 2 cycles and just try again when you feel ready. It does also help to confide in one or two people though so you can talk about your feelings. It's a very emotional journey.

    More for you. I'm sure you'll find good support in the belly belly community. There is a thread for ladies trying to conceive after miscarriage. When you are ready to try again you could come and join us.

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    I am So Sorry for your Loss.

    I Too M/C at approx 6 wks. I passed all mine and had no pain. I went to back to my OB about 3 days after I started bleeding and all had passed. I also pretty much fell pg again about a month later too. Again I am so sorry.

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    Oh, krisso, I'm so sorry! The experience is very different for everyone. For me it was 2 days after I found out I was m/c that I passed everything. In my case I was 8 wks, but the cramps during m/c were pretty bad for me--just like regular delivery. Also had contractions in my back, but I had them when I delivered both my boys, also, so I was expecting that. You may have none of that, it's always different. But it took 3 weeks for my hcg levels to go down, and had to have 4 different blood test to make sure the level was still going down. Some women, though, are back down to 0 the day after they m/c, so it really varies. It's normal for some women to still feel like they're pregnant or even continue having symptoms even after everything has passed due to the hormones. I bled for 5 days, and it was heavier than my usual cycles. My dr. told me to wait 2 mo's, but after much research I've read that there's no real reason why a woman has to wait to conceive again. I decided for myself that there was no way I could wait 2 mo's! It's probably best to at least wait for 1 cycle, but I've read stories of some women who've posted on these threads that they got pg before they even had their first AF! I think it's a personal decision that's different for every woman--you'll know what's right for you in your heart. Your feelings will be all over the place for quite a while. Some days will be better than others. I can understand that you don't want anyone feeling sorry for you, but you definitely need some sort of support throughout this! You're definitely at the right place! Don't be afraid to ask any questions, and there's nothing we haven't heard, so don't feel embarrassed either. Would love to see you over in the TTC after m/c thread whenever you're ready. Take the time you need to grieve, and try to remember that it will get better over time. Be patient with yourself, and don't expect too much of yourself right now. I hope I answered at least some of your questions, but remember, not every woman's journey is the same, so don't ever feel abnormal if yours doesn't mirror somebody else's. My prayers are with you! One more thing, the most important thing to realize during this time is that it's not your fault, and there was nothing you could have done to change what happened--you can't beat yourself up about it. God bless you!

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    Hi Krisso
    I posted a couple of posts in your other thread when you weren't sure what was happening.

    I would strongly encourage you to see your GP with the list of questions as already suggested to get the answers that are best for you.

    Personally I preferred to wait 2 months after my D & C last year to ensure my lining was all recovered as I didn't want to take the risk of anything going wrong there and having another m/c cos my body wasn't ready for it and also due to my age I wanted to make sure my body was ready again. So far seems to have worked but we were very lucky and conceived first month of TTC.

    Good luck, and don't be afraid to ask your doctors all of your questions - that is what they get paid for!!

    Take care and look after yourself

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