thread: Any dental nurses out there? Opinions needed please!

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    Any dental nurses out there? Opinions needed please!

    Mason has his first ADULT TOOTH

    Unfortunatley his baby tooth is still there. It is loose but doesn't look like it's going to come out any time soon.

    Masons new tooth - BellyBelly Member Photo Gallery

    I have been making him wiggle it a few times a day to try and loosen it. Should I be worried about this?

    ETA Forgot to add that Trevor had to have braces for over crowding and crooked teeth so do I assume that this is a genetic thing and should I start saving?

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    Sam, I would be getting that seen to. It does look like the adult tooth is quite large though for the space that will be left by the baby tooth. Sometimes it's just a case of the teeth not being aligned in the gum and it could be fixed by removing the baby tooth, but I don't know what a dentist would do to make the adult tooth move forward - in an adult you would use a plate, but for a kid this age I'm not sure. It may not be a problem in the long term though and this could just be a once off kwim? It's something I've thought about as DH and his brother and sister all had shocking teeth as kids and had braces.

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    My front teeth were ok but this happened with my molars, my dentist took all my milk molars and a few of my adult molars (4 i think, out of my jaw, to make room in my mouth) out under local anaesthetic and i never needed braces. I'd take him along to the dentist and see what they suggest. The might want to remove the milk tooth purely to give him room to brush the adult one properly, which will be hard if they grow against one another.

    Congratulations! It's a huge milestone for you both!


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    Sam, I too am worried about big teeth coming through, Marisa has one coming up on the bottom but the baby tooth has fallen out. But I don't see how on earth that tooth is going to fit, it looks huge lol and it doesnt look straight either. John's teeth are overcrowded in the bottom and I hope that doesn't happen to Rissy
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    both my girls adult teeth have come through almost sideways and look like they are not going to fit in the little gap but they have all turned straight and are only a little crowded.

    Hopefully it will all be fine for you xoxo good luck

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    I had an adult tooth grow before my baby tooth fell out, but I think it was a molar from memory. My dentist just told me to keep wiggling it. In the end I pulled it out myself (I think I was about 10. I used string and a door )
    Personally, I wouldn't worry about whether the adult teeth are all going to fit until they start popping through. Kids' jaws keep growing with their bodies and our teeth move around to fill gaps. I wouldn't start worrying yet

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    Thanks for the feedback guys I'll give it a couple of more weeks to see if it will fall out.

    all girls what you said sounds logical to me which is why I have resisted taking him to the dentist so far.

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    Don't stress Sammi! We see this thing often! If it's not bothering him too much, just get him to keep wiggling it until it comes out on it's own. If it's very sore, or hangs in there for a long time, then head off to the dentist, they'll be able to remove it very easily.

    As for spaces, don't forget that the teeth coming through are the teeth your kids need to have for the rest of their lives. Their jaws won't always be this small, in fact will keep growing and maturing until they're about 21! So while the teeth look huge now, by the time they are adults *hopefully* all the teeth will fit in. Of course, this is not always the case, and yes Sammi, it can be genetic, so maybe you should start saving LOL.

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    Update time

    The tooth has now fallen out with a bit of help from Dad! His second bottom tooth came through about a week ago and it was looking rooooly crowded in there. Hopefully once he gets a taste of cash a-la Tooth Fairy he will be a wigglin and a jiggilin the other tooth!

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    LOL Sam, trust me, a cash incentive always gets them wiggling. Now that Lindsay has lost a few more teeth down the bottom, he has two teeth taking the place of three - the third one will just come up behind the one beside it. I spoke to the dentist about it the other day and she strongly recommended getting an orthodontist to take a look when he is about 8-9. All I can say is thank god our PHI comvers dental...

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