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Thread: Those who have studied with small kids......

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    Default Those who have studied with small kids......

    Okay, as much as I enjoy what I do, I've felt for a long time that I would like to move on and really do something. I have dental nursing for over 10 years now, and while it's a good job, it's not always challenging, which can get a bit boring. My DH has ALWAYS been very encouraging and supportive of me going to uni to study whatever I would like.

    I've wanted for some time now to become a midwife. Lately I've been thinking about maybe becoming a LC, but I'm still leaning towards Mid (or both). I would like to finish having our family first, and then really decide what direction I would like to head in, and of course, getting into a midwifery course is a big 'if'! I had been thinking that I would like three kids, but DH is only keen on two, and if I'm going to study, then I would probably stick with two.

    So, my question is, what age do you think is the best to start studying? The kids age I mean! I don't really want to wait until they're all at school or anything, but I figure that I'd want to be through the first year of number two bub's life.

    Any tips, hints, ideas, help would be appreciated, especially from those who are midwives!

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    Hello, like a LUNATIC I have just started a degree (undergrad librarianship) with a 5 month old baby. (*LOLs at self*) The degree is distance-delivered though, so I have the flexibility of studying at the hours of day or night that I choose, and I can structure my week around that. Initially I will only be doing a 1/4 load - one subject per semester, and will increase that at DD gets older/approaches school age. The reason I've started now instead of waiting another couple of years is because I know I will welcome the mental stimulation (ie having an "outlet") while I'm doing the at-home intensive parenting years. Also, by starting now and breaking it down into a smaller study load, I feel it's more maintainable as a way of life for several years than the larger study load over a shorter period.

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    Sez, I have been studying early childhood teaching via correspondence. I am in my final few weeks now thank goodness! I deferred for a year while I was pg due to the stress I was under at the time, so that meant that I began my course again in July last yr and will finish as soon as I do my final assignment. It has been pretty hard to get up the motivation since I don't have to go to classes. I have to make my own time table which is easier since I can do it when it suits me, but it's also harder because I have to make sure I take the time to study and not clean up or do something else. It has been easier these past few months that Lil has been bigger and sleeping longer stretches at a time. I have had mum look after her a couple of times so I could catch up when I felt swamped, the house work often suffered for it and DH had to help alot more too, but that was all good. I got things domne when I could and had to prioritise.
    I would say that if you can do any of your course via correspondance, then that could be an option for you to start earlier. Maybe just do one module at a time. But if you want to actually attend uni, then I would say that after about 3yrs would be a good age to study. Then the children can entertain themselves to some extent, they have some understanding of you 'needing' to do things without them and not have you as their centre of attention.
    Crazily enough as hard as things have been for a while, I am not deterred from studying at all and may very well do some more next yr, so if that says anything, it would be that it is doable!! And the sense of pride you feel for having done it on your own is great!!!
    Good luck, I'm sure you'll do really well. You think it is impossible at the time, but when you get it done, it feels so good

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    I did a 1 year Graduate Diploma in Info Studies last year with a 1 year old. Was ok, full time study but did half in person and half online. I had ds in childcare for 2 afternoons a week when I had lectures, then did my reading and assignments at night and when he had his day sleeps. Then I got pregnant in my 2nd semester and found it soooo hard studying with ms and the exhaustion of 1st trimester.

    I also have a really supportive dh who is home a lot more than most (does 2 days, then 2 nights, then 4 days off). I think if he worked "normal" hours it would have been much harder.

    Basically though - if you're excited and passionate about it you can make it work. Just make sure you can defer or take a semester off if it gets too much.

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