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Thread: Autism article for those interested.

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    That ia a very interesting article Nat. You know they enver bring these sort of things up in the disability training I do. I'm currently studying my diploma in disability and they have not mentioned a link between mercury and immunisations, I really wish they would. Everything they state is all about how everything is cannot all be genetic.

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    Trish, I didn't mean to scare you hun - you would have noticed by now if Joel had mercury poisoning from leaky fillings while you were pg. I would get them checked out for your own health though. There are people that say that they are harmless, but there have been many studies to prove otherwise.

    I would suggest that you talk to Joels paed about a probiotic or maybe see a naturopath to balance his gut from the antibiotics. Antibiotics are great if you really need them, which Joel does, but they are so over presribed when not needed and this is a harmful practice because they become ineffective over time.

    Kirsty, hi hun . Just wanted to say what a wonderful person you must be. Its often a thankless occupation and can be a very hard job to do. Good on you and I wish you all the best with it. I have a niece that is a child psychologist, and wow, the arguments we used to have, lol. She has since come around to this way of thinking because she has seen the treatments work in healing our kids. They have to be diseases of the gut, because I have never heard of children not improving with dietary intervention, at least to some degree. Early intervention, behavioural modification techniques and individual therapies such as speech and physio are also so important, and used altogether ADD, autism and all of these other diseases can be treated. These kids can be recovered, but the option is not being given to the parents and thats just criminal. You have to find all the info yourself and most people (like me) are only prompted to do this after becoming disillusioned with their medical professionals. ABA is fantastic and is proven to recover children completely from autism in some cases, but it ccan cost around $40,000 a year for a program with therapists to implement it. I have made my own version up from attending seminars and getting the text books, etc and its working well for us in conjunction with dietary modification.

    Waffle, waffle, waffle, lol.

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