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thread: Jessalyn's Health Issues #2

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    Jan 2005
    Down by the ocean

    Great to hear the good news =D>

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    Feb 2004

    Great to hear the fantastic news Shannon! Keep fighting them Jessalyn - you are going soo well!!

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    May 2004

    That is fantastic news Shannon =D>

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    katanya Guest

    great news you guys are having some time out for Jess just to be a baby..I feel so lucky now that we are having so much time to get into other things (and I can focus my energy into eduaction things for him not health things) we still have our appointments all the time , but they aren't as stressful anymore..

    Hope things continue like this!

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    kirsty Guest

    So glad to see you getting some good news for Jessalyn. Here's hoping it continues & things just get better & better for you guys.

    Huge hugs to you all.

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest

    Awwww Shannon sorry to hear that things are being drawn out. I guess try to look at the good things though. She's doing so well, and so are you. Great news about her liver and good to hear that Christmas will be without a colostomy, I'm sure that will be good for all of you.

    Sorry to hear that you won't be able to go to America, will there be a chance to go some other time?

    Take care, looking forward to our meeting next week

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    Jan 2005
    Down by the ocean

    That's great news about her liver Shannon =D>

    I understand how you must have been expecting the surgery sooner but it good that they have her best interests at heart and want her to be bigger and stronger for the op.

    Big hugs for you and your little Jessalyn

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    katanya Guest

    I can understand part of what your going through..I guess part of what you might be feeling too is that you want it to be all back on the road to normal sooner than later...I can defiantely relate to that..

    For Jess's point of view the older the better, mots babies don't have operations tilafter 6 months for a general, I guess because the risk of complication is higher (the dose of anthesthetsia for a start are so minute for a little bub) obviously if the live condition wasn't a factor then then things would have taken place sooner..

    I think you've probably got things settled in your brain now, of waht is ahead (or what was ) that is how I dealt with all Felix's tests, I kind of prepared my brain, by saying"okay just get through this and then it will be okay etc" of course his were only tests and not operations to correct anything..

    It's a shame you wont get OS right now, I think your rather game for wanting to travel there with 3 kids myself LOL!! I hope it works out that you can still go at some point..your not being selfish, it's a normal thing to want..shows you have a good coping mechanisms and you are getting on with a normal life..

    It is SUCH great news about her liver..I am just so glad for her that something is going her way..that is amazing about the other 2 cases in one weekend..what is going on there?? Do they know whether it's casued by any environmental factors?probably just one of those things I forgot whether it was this that is genetic or not?

    Anyhow I'm glad to hear good stuff about little Jess..hope it all keeps getting better and better..!

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    katanya Guest

    I don't know about always knowing what to say..but I guess having had a few experiences of a similar type this year I have been able to have more insight into what other parents go through..I always think that of you and Lara, that you say the best things LOL

    Ah I think I was confusing it with the Alpha condition that is genetic...I guess things like this must happen occasionally, I too feel for the surgeon..what a huge responsibility for him, to do 2 such enormous procedures.. Felix's biopsy sugeon was amazing too, I have nothing but amazement for these skilled people..

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    Aug 2003
    Melbourne, Australia

    Shannon sounds like there is great news with the liver. At least there will be no immediate concerns with transplants. Thats the last thing you want.

    I can understand the 'lets get over with now not later' feeling. But like you said, for Jess its probably better to wait. You have time to get her nice and fat, so she can recover quicker.

    I remember when Alana got diagnosed and on the same day another bub did. They were shocked by that, and CF is 1:2500.

    Anyway glad everything is going well.

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    Nov 2003

    New thread HERE.

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