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    Zak has had very severe leg pain, knee and thigh pain in his left leg for the last couple of months. He has a limp often and his left leg collapses at times. He can't run now without sort of hopping on his left leg. We went to the doctor several times and he has now referred him to an orthopaedic surgeon. Being a paediatric nurse i have done extensive research and think it is a Slipped Upper Femoral Epiphysis, this is where the growth plate in the femor slips off the bone slightly causing a fracture along it. Apparently it is a chronic condition that doesn't necessarily have to have an injury to occur. I had an appointment with the surgeon on the 18th of march but went on the emergancy list so it has been brought forward to this friday. i don't know whether to hurry it along and just go to the emergency department and see if they can diagnose it (the GP had never heard of it before). It may well be something else but can't find anything else that has all his symptoms. Anyone else had a pre teen with this condition or something similar? Apparently it happens from 10-16 and Zak turns 10 next month. I just don't know what to do, normally once it is diagnosed they are not allowed to walk on it at ALL, yet there is my little fellow limping around. i feel like such a looser, being a nurse, and being so confused. I worked yesterday and i know our hospital is at 105% so waiting time is wayyyyyyyyy longggggggg. i have him dressed and ready for school and in two minds which way to go.

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    I'd take him to the hospital. It might be a bit quieter at this time. He could bring along some of his homework for while you wait maybe. If he's in a lot of pain I think it's best to get a diagnosis ASAP so you can get on with treating it.

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    Beckles I'd be another one who'd take him to the Dr.... just in case he's doing a bit more damage to it by limping on it IYKWIM? and as you said, you don't want to see your little guy in pain either. I hope he's all fixed up really soon

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