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    Hi - just wanting some opinions on the Baba Sling. I have been given one, brand new - I tried it on the other day, and it felt okay, but seemed to be a lot of material - a bub could get lost in there. I had a look at their Website and there a few options on wearing it - I think I'll just have to fiddle with the straps/lengths etc.

    Just wondered if anyone has used one of these and what your experience has been?



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    Hi Lee

    I have a Baba sling and love it.

    I've not tried any other sling though as we went to our local baby shop to try on slings and tried this one on first. We put bubs in it and he was a bit irritable at the time but within a minute, he was asleep. That sold us!!

    He settles really well in it. Yes, there's a lot of fabric and as my little man was only 2 weeks old - he was a little lost in it, but didn't seem to mind! At least I know there's growing room!

    The only trouble with it is that he likes me to be moving around when he's in it (walking) and that kinda wasn't the idea! So now when I use it, I need to stand and rock or something while he gets off to sleep.

    Don't know if I'm any help here, but we like the Baba sling...

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    Oh we definitely loved the Baba Sling!
    Harrison used it for aaaaaages... it was a 100% guarantee of sleeptime whilst he was in it. It was always in the car so I could pop it on when I had to rush to the shops to pick up a few things like bread and milk etc... it left me with my hands free and a sleeping baby. I recently passed ours onto my sister and my other sister borrowed it before Harrison was born for her 3rd child... so this baba slign will have been used for 3 bubbas soon.

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    I too am a Baba sling fan. I have used it with DD5, DD4 and now Imogen. I LOVE it ans so do they... Yes, I guess there is a fair bit of fabric but truly I used it so much with such good effect. I used it right up until they were over 1...

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