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Thread: Having twins in slings?

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    Default Having twins in slings?

    Has anyone had twins and been able to carry them in slings on your own. The baba sling says you can wear 2 and carry twins, but I am not really sure. I would still like to get some sort of sling carrier, but it might mean wearing one and pushing one in a pram or DH wearing one and me wearing one. I would really like to be able to BF in one, but at the possible prospect of twins I dont know what is possible.

    All help muchly appreciated.


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    Hi Helen! I really don't know too much about slings in particular, but I know it is possible to carry twins in one wrap carrier. I have a Moby wrap, and the booklet has a couple pictures and directions on carrying twins. The Moby is quite similar to a hug-a-bub, but doesn't have the pocket, and is cheaper. I can breast-feed Emily with her in the wrap. I don't know about doing two at the same time, but one certainly works.
    From the pictures in the instructional booklet, it looks reasonably comfortable to carry smaller twins in one carrier, but once they get a little bigger, it looks a little awkward. Too much baby on one person! Maybe get two wraps, and then you can wear them together when they are small, and you and DH can each wear one when they get bigger.
    BTW, I love my wrap. It is my extra pair of hands! Very comfortable, and easy on the back. In fact, I think shortly after delivery, my back felt much better and supported when I had the wrap on!
    Anyways, all the best with your decision!

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    Thanks Cricket, I checked out their website and they look really good. I agree though buying 2 would be great.


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    there are carriers to carry twins at the same time- but those people who have used them say that it takes a toll on their body as they get heavy really quickly
    i used to carry one in a sling, but turn the sling to the side and carry the other baby in my arms
    otherwise other things people with twin do is - top to toe them in a baby capsule ( but not whilst driving) when they are small ,or put one in a carrier and one in a pram

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    We bought baby slings for our twins and never used them..It was easier for us to push them in their pram and to be honest..we did'nt really go that many places in the first 6 months of their lives..

    i have heard that if you pop one bub in the pram and the other one in the sling that you may get "hassled" less about them being twins..Hope that helps..

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    Thanks Odette and Pansy. Yeah the heavy factor had played on my mind a bit. With my previous babies when they were born they needed a lot of body contact when first born, so I was hoping for the wrap more for the first 4weeks. Do you think that I could carry them for that long?


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    I'm not sure helen you may have to wait until they are born and then give it a go...Good luck.

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