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Thread: baby carriers/slings

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    Just an update on my earlier post... I received my baba sling and must say I LOVE IT! Oskar just about fell asleep in it the very first time I used it. It's great as I can take his weight so much better now and I don't end up with a dead arm from carrying him. I used it at Australia Zoo the other day and even fed him in it - so much easier than the HAB for me.

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    I dont think that you can even compare the two carriers...........

    The BB (in my opinion only) doesnt really support the baby in the same way the HUGABUB does.
    I have seen many, many babies in them being worn incorrectly, hanging too low, with their dear little heads flopping over the sides unsupported, and generally not looking ideal for either the parent or the bub. I've also seen people not tie the HUGABUB well, or firmly enough, but at least the babes head is well supported and their bodies cared for with this carrier.......

    I've had a babasling too, but it didnt work for us, but then know people who do love it. We used it once to go to an international rugby game, and then passed it on.

    I (and most of the women in our community) are sold on the ERGO though, and I dont think you can go past them for what they cost and how long you use them. But - that wasnt your question
    There is a sale on at Babes in Arms - Select Baby Carriers and Slings - Enjoy the freedom! - Baby Sling, Baby Carrier, Ergo Baby Carrier, Baby Backpack where you could pick up quite a few different slings at 10% off (with free shipping though...........)

    Ah the choices we have to make as parents eh. It doesnt end

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