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Thread: 4 year olds speech

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    Default 4 year olds speech

    Kimberley has trouble saying a few words/letters and has trouble saying f, s and l.

    She can't say snake or clock they come out as nake and **** which i am trying to get her to say the right way and i think she can but thinks it's funny.

    How many other 4-5yr olds have trouble saying some words or letters.

    I'm intrested in knowing this so i can work out what is best to do with her starting pre-primary next year.

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    Aidyn is 3.5, and saying F and S are the hardest for him too.

    He can say S within a word, but not if the words starts with an S.

    We have a paed appt in a couple of weeks, so I will be enquiring about his speech then, and what is normal for his age...

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    I actually had a sheet with what certain ages are meant to be saying when. Not sure if i threw it out or not. Will have to have a look.


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    'f' and "s' are usually developed by about school age (ie. 5 years), 'l' can take a little longer. However, the examples of words you gave (clock, snake) start with 2 consonant sounds (blends) and are therefore harder to say and can take up to 7-8 years of age to fully develop. So, at 4 years of age sounds very normal to me. You, and strangers, should be easily able to understand what a 4 year old is trying to say but words can still be said with sound errors. The sounds you have mentioned are typically still developing for some children at 4 and this is perfectly within the range of normal.

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    Noah has no trouble with S anf F. It's the R's he has trouble with. Poor kids sounds like Elmer Fudd.

    It drives me mad too, I try so hard to get him to pronouce it right. I think it's really important to start young with your childs speach and prounciation before they have a life time of saying Barfroom.

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    Thanks Kathryn.

    It is nice to know Kimberley isn't the only one that has trouble with words and i think it seems to be normal for them not to be able to say everything.

    I'm going to work on one word at a time with her that is what i have been doing and she's finally able to say milk and sausages right now.

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