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Thread: 5 month bub doing lots of poos!!

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    Default 5 month bub doing lots of poos!!

    Hi there,

    Just a question about my babies poo. She is 5 months old and is fully breastfed. She would usually do about one poo every day. Today though she has done 4 big ones! They are a mustard colour and runny but they are always like that.

    How do I know if she has diarrhea?? She does have a cold at the moment and I think she is starting to teeth. Do you think this is why she is pooing so much?
    How many poos do your babies do in a day?

    Thanks for any replies!

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    Hi firstbub. I wondered the same thing about diarrhoea until Daniel got it. You'll know. It's almost like you put the milk in one end and it comes directly out the other - no processing in between.

    Daniel was doing one a day but at about 5 months he started doing about 4 a day. Now, he doesn't even grunt or anything - so you never know when he's done one. He has become so expert at them it doesn't even show on his face anymore. I've come to the conclusion that babies poo a lot - especially if they're an eating machine like my little boy.

    Hope that helps.

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    Mine can still do 3 a day! And they're big girl poos lol (sorry TMI). But she was about the same as your bub at 5 months. I agree with lestypuss - you'll know.

    Don't forget that when you have a cold you swallow lots of mucous (without even being conscious of it) so your digestive tract becomes quite 'lubricated IYKWIM? I know it's gross but check yours out next time you have a yucky nose.

    Tehe sorry but you asked....hope she's feeling better soon.

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    she should be fine....that can be normal

    Does the poo smell differently than normal? Or is it greener than normal?

    Teething poos have a "tangy" and "sharp" smell to them


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    Have you started solids by any chance? From the day we started solids with Jesse his poos picked up from once a day to 4 times.

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    Thank you for your replies. I haven't started solids yet. She is only having breast milk. Her poo is sometimes a little green but I find that happens when she has short feeds, or if I swap breasts too early. It probably is associated with teething. There is so much guess work when you become a mum!!!!

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