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    Default 6month old sleep Q

    My son is almost 6 months old - he sleeps through the night from around 6:30/7pm until 6-6:30am - I then give him a feed and he goes straight back to sleep until around 8am. Every bit of info I have read says that babies he's age need 3 sleeps per day - should I be counting the sleep after he's first feed as he's first day sleep?? During the day he's been having two other sleeps usually only 1hr long but lately come 6:30pm he starts getting really overtired and hard to settle - I'm wondering if I should try and give him an extra sleep in the morning, he usually doesn't start getting tired until around 11am but should I be trying to get him at around 9:30/10am so he gets an extra sleep in??

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    There's no right or wrong thing to do. Nina was only having 2 day sleeps at that age, then dropped down to 1 day sleep at 11 months. If he's showing tired signs earlier than 11am, then you could try and put him down. But if he's not tired before than, than I wouldn't worry about it. Most babies/toddlers will get cranky around bedtime.

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    Sounds like he is having a longer night sleep than most babies - I've read 10-12 hours is normal overnight. So he may be making up for all the sleep then by only having 2 day sleeps. I would think at this stage it would be too hard introducing another day sleep, especially if you are following his tired signs as most babies tend to drop the third day sleep around 8 months or so, so you would be getting rid of it again soon. As she gets a bit older she probably won't be so tired at the end of the day, or you could bring forward bedtime 30 mins or so and see what happens.

    I wouldn't count that 6-8am sleep as a 'day sleep'. I consider day sleeps as sleeps that occur after they have been up and had some play time.

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    My DD is 6&1/2 months old and only has 2 sleeps. She normally gets up anywhere from 5.30 onwards and then back down about 9ish for an hour or so, then again about 1ish, then bed anywhere from 6. I go on tired cues rather than 'book routine' as all bubs are different. HTH

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    DS is almost 6 months & generally will have 3 day sleeps - but sometimes 4 short ones. I wouldn't worry too much about following the books. But I think they need around 13-14 hours total sleep time in 24 hours at this age - and it sounds like your DS is having that

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    I read somewhere that babies around 5-6 months should be getting around 14.5 hours sleep per day and it doesn't really matter at what times of the day as long as they get around that on average.

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    wow i swear to god that i could have written that post because your ds patterns are the same as my ds patterns! he LOVES going back to sleep straight after his first morning feed... and if he doesn't get to have his sleep, he gets very cranky! i was wondering if he was having to many sleeps, but it turns out that he was getting what he needed so i no longer worry about it.

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