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    Jun 2004

    I had a c-section and my OB told me 6 months before TTC for #2. Because of my age (35 .5 now), we are in a bit of a rush to have more kids. It took 2.5yrs TTC to get #1, so I'm hoping history doesn't repeat itself!


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    Sep 2005
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    Gemma, If you feel you are ready for #2 GO FOR IT!!!!!!!
    I hope you are given the 'all clear'' as i am sure you will.
    You never know we may be preggas together!
    Keep me posted.

    Jenni \/

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    Mar 2005

    This may be abit weird, but I kinda went with the way were (me and brother) were apart, which is 13mths, so basically when I was 12 weeks old my Mum was just preggers with my brother!!

    But keep in mind, it took 7 yrs for her to conceive me.
    But I say easch to there own hun, good luck.xx

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    Oct 2003
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    Yeah I always wanted two close together, but with Matilda being refluxy & the c/s there was no way I would do it to me or my husband. Just knowing how long it takes the body to heal after a c/s was enough to scare me off for a long while.... still not thinking about it lol...

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    Feb 2004

    Me too Mel - I wanted two close together but I'm worried about how the scar tissue from the c/s would react. As I said in the c/s chatter thread, I'm still having pain after doing some things so I would be scared of what's going on in there if a baby was growing.

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    Karlee Guest

    Hi, I have my boys close together, there is under a year between them. I fell pregnant with my second when first was 3 months old. This wasnt a problem with me at all health wise, i had a harder labour than i did with my first that was probably the only thing. When i saw the hospital about being pregnant again they didnt say anything to me about it being bad for my health or the baby.

    Good luck with ttc

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    Nov 2004

    Saw my Ob today and he still says 6 months since the birth before getting pg again. The main reason is the placenta can fuse the the caesarean scar and the worst case is a hysterectomy and half of my bladder removed. There are no actual stats on this because not too many people get pg straight away after caesareans. He checked my scar and was happy how it looks and he did say that if I did get pg now it would probably be okay. Saw a GP yesterday and he said it was okay as the uterus doesn't expand until 3-4 months into pg. Got my blood test back and all okay apart from low iron which is normal for me. I am supplementing iron as I knew it would be low.

    This is a major risk so DH and I are going to discuss it further.
    I think we are both heading towards waiting until December which will be 6 months after Amy's birth, It will only be another 4 months and the babies will be 15 months apart which is still close.

    Thanks everyone for your advice and support.