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Thread: Baby Hygiene - Is it just me?

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    I am so lax!

    DS grabs fingers to put in his mouth, sticks his fingers in everyones' mouths (just getting over sep. anxiety so very few people allowed a cuddle for now), hands on any table and chair, I only put a blanket down cos he had mild reflux!

    However, he isn't allowed near poo, his or animal, nor does he go near pets. The 3 other people he will allow near him that aren't DH or me don't have pets either.

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    I have sterilised, but am becoming more and more lax at this as DS puts his own hands in his mouth and i'm sure there are enough germs on that already.
    I too have been told that ebm bottles don't need to be sterilised and I think with formula it was that things were more likley to grow in it??

    Everyone should wash their hands after patting animals even if not touching a baby. Not washing your hands is the fast track to getting worms and other gastro problems, because it doesn't matter how clean pets are they do carry some nasties and you don't know when your going to collect one

    With my fingers I'm reasonably lax and just make sure after toilet and nappy changes and around food prep I wash hands, oh and keep fingernails clean. I figure that if a baby is sucking on my boobs then I don't need to constantly wash my hands. I don't bath my boobs before every feed, and yet they do have the same germs as my hands because I have to fondle them getting them ready for feeding time.

    We do use a blanket on floor as well, this is to mainly avoid him spewing on others floors, but at the il's it's to stop him rolling in god knows what is on their floor including dog and cat hair. I think that not stepping on the blanket, if it can be helped, is more of a respect thing. The blanket does specify a place where if a baby is laying down shouldn't be stepped on because it's within that space that if you fumble you will fall on or step on the baby.

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    I remember being very much like that when Kameron was a newborn as well, and every was sterilised till 12mths. But since Lach I am very much more relaxed about it all, and stopped steralising etc at 6mths probably even before !!

    If I did have a blanket down for the baby, i would expect people to respect that space and not walk on the blanket.


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