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    Just wondering if anyone has any experience with a baby and a toddler sharing a bedroom? DS will be 3 when Beany arrives and the bassinette and cot are in the same bedroom as DS's bed. We have explained to him that he will be sharing his room, and Beany will be sleeping in the bassinette and then the cot and he seems to understand what we are saying and is okay with this. DS always slept in the other room from the time we took him home from the hospital and we were hoping to do the same with Beany rather than have him/her in our bedroom. But I worry that DS's sleep will be disturbed by Beany's sleeping/feeding patterns and was hoping for some advice.

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    I know of a few people who've done it after baby no. 2 is four months or so, but don't know anyone who's done it straight home from hospital.

    I'm keen to hear answers to your question. We are currently deciding whether to pack up our guest room and sell furniture etc, or pop bubba number 2 in with DS1. There will also be almost 3 years betweeen them when DS2 is born.

    At this stage we hope to keep our spare room intact as we don't have any family in Sydney and lots of our good friends live overseas, interstate or within NSW but out of Sydney. Seems like we have visitors staying with us every other week. Would be a huge huge shame to miss out on their visits because we couldn't comfortably put them up. Especially family when they come to help out with things.

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    We have a three bedroom house.....each of our girls had their own room. But when #3 came along it was thought we would move #1 and #2 in together, and #3 (the newborn) would have her own room.....its all gone a bit haywire at the moment.....and #3 is still in our room. At night we move her into the lounge room (she still in a cradle). There were many ways we could work it (#1 with #3, #2 with #3...) , but when Samantha gets too big for the cradle she will be having her own room and the older two sharing. I think under 6 months, their sleeping is so unpredictable, i didnt want to run the risk of waking up another child at 3am when i already have one awake - KWIM? Good luck with what you decide.....

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