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Thread: Broken Capillaries on DS's face??

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    Question Broken Capillaries on DS's face??

    Hi ladies,

    When I am booby feeding DS I normally look him over and check his ears, face etc as he is really relaxed and doesn't protest. I was looking at his cheeks and noticed that he has tiny red broken capillaries on them. Is this a normal thing for a baby so small? I only thought they surfaced when you were older, not 4 months old. Has anyone elses baby got or had them? Do you think they will go away? You can only really see them when his little cheeks are a bit red. He does have eczema and we have been using lots of emulsifying cream to moisturise his face, but this has nothing harmful in it. No perfumes, chemicals or anything so don't think it is that. We have hydrocortisone cream too, but have never put it on this part of his face so I am confused.


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    Hi Nita,

    Amy has those too. I wasn't worried about them as I assume they will go away with time but would love to hear if anyone has any advice or info on them!


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    Mason was born with some on his cheek. As he has grown they have spread out and are hardly noticeable. They are still there if I look hard enough but he now has some freckles to disguise them.

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    Gaby was born with one on her cheek and it is still there 4.5 years later - I had assumed (and hoped ) that it would go away with age but it doesnt seem to have yet. So anyone with other stories/advice I would love to hear too!

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