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Thread: Bubs not sleeping in hot weather - tips?

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    Question Bubs not sleeping in hot weather - tips?

    hi there...

    we just had two 37 degree days which co-incided with my 8 month old DD not sleeping.... during the day she was just a mess, if i put her in her cot she would scream the house down and be tossing and turning and just didn't know what to do with herself, i actually thought she might be teething, but then today, with the 18 degree mild weather and rain, she has gone down like a dream, not a peep....

    so i am thinking it was the hot weather that threw her off.... am a little nervous that this is a taste of what its going to be like through summer.... she didn't sleep at all during the day and was so over tired it was really tough work trying to keep her from crying most of the day with sheer exhaustion. nothing i did worked.

    has anyone had the same prob with their baby? What did you do? Any tips at all? I am actually now considering buying an air conditioner for her room to get us through the summer, but not sure if this is a bit over the top? I guess I wouldn't want to sleep in a hot stuffy room so it seems unfair that I am expecting her to, but at the same time if it is just a matter of her getting used to the heat and acclimitising then perhaps an air conditioner for her room is a bit dramatic? Any thoughts or experiences?

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    Last year we had the same problem with Chelsea, only she was a newborn then. We had fans in her room, dressed her very lightly, only used a sheet over her. In the end it was so hot i got a portable evap cooliing unit for her room which helped.

    Now we are in a new home with ducted evap and the house is not hot at all.

    Make sure she has lotsa fluids too...

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    Well, overkill is me.......... I have the air conditioner on and a fan blowing on Daniel. He sleeps like a ....... umm..... baby. I wrap his bottom half so that he can have his arms out and all he wears is a singlet and a nappy. I go and check on him occasionally just to make sure he isn't hot/cold. But we've just had 4 straight days of 40+, so he never got cold.

    He's a very hot baby normally.

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