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    My DD - Jessica is 3. She is a gorgeous little thing, but isn't everybody's child? Anyway, I was told when she was a bub to put her into the baby comp's - which I did & she always won the bright eyes or smiling divisions, but never won the grandfinals. That is fine though, a balloon & a sash & she was happy - so was I. Anyway, as she's got older people keep telling me I should put her into modelling. So I e-mailed some pics to an agency last night, & today I got a call for an interview. It's exciting, but daunting. This company puts children forward for all kinds of things like tv, magazines, billboards, etc... I have asked her if she'd like to play dressups & have some nice pictures taken & of course she said YES!
    I'm just in two-minds about it. It's $395 to get her a portfolio put together & of course the work isn't guaranteed.
    I'm just wondering how many other mum's have their little ones enrolled in agencies & did they get a call up for a photo shoot for a magazine or a tv commercial? Is it hard work & wayyyy too much stress for a little one? Or did they totally love the experience?
    Of course, I wouldn't be disappointed if she didn't get a call, I think it's flattering enough to be going for this interview, but I'm just wondering how many do actually get to go on shoots & where you happy with the results?
    I also don't want it to look as though I'm exploiting her? KWIM? I've only told one gf because I'm just worried that it wouldn't be well-received. We know of a little girl, I think she's about 12 now who got into modelling, drama & dancing classes & turned into a right little tart. I'd love to give Jessica this experience, but not at that expense.

    Love Jayne

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    I don't have experience with this, but I just wanted to say that I think as long as her home life stays the same, there's no reason for a little girl to turn into a little tart because of child modelling. And if any projects were to come up that you think are inappropriate for her for whatever reason, you can always turn them down. Good luck with it.

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    i think it takes a lot of committment and strength, not only from your daughter, but from you as well. You will be the one taking her to auditions, castings etc, you will be the one rejoincing with her when she does win a job, and being a little disappointed when she doesnt get the job.
    My sisters little girl (my niece) was approached like your daughter was. My sister took her along to a casting and she was horrified at the mothers in the waiting room, all tarting up their daughters, and watching that their daughters behaved like 'movie stars' - she ended up walking out, wasnt for her or her daughter.

    I have another friend whos daughter (about 9) has appeared in Target catalogues...but my friend said it was only coz she really pushed it, and took her to photo shoots like i said, if your up for it (and your daughter of course), go for it....
    Good luck.

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    My brother has a theory when it comes to children modelling and portfolios. Thought I would share it for what it's worth make of it what you will. If the child is truely deautiful(and they all are) and you are getting all sorts of promises re the work the child will get. Tell them to take the cost of the portfolio out of the first chq for the jobs that they are promising?

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    I was thinking of starting a thread like this one last night actually. I was going to ask if anyone had experiences with agencies or whatever they are for babies/children, and any one they might recommend.
    I won't want pay for a folio. If they want to have my daughter on their files, they can do it without the expense to me. And if they won't do that, then my daughter won't be doing that sort of thing.

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