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Thread: Consecutive babies bigger than older siblings?

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    My DDs were both born on their due date and weighed 8lb 7oz, DD1 was 52cm and DD2 was 51cm. DS (3rd child) was born at 37 wks 3 days and weighed 8lb 3oz and was 52cm so heaven help me if he had gone to term!!

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    DD#1- 4080gms (42wks)
    DD#2 - 3540gms (41wks)
    DS#1-4110gms (38wks)

    Interestingly, put on least amount of wt with DS and he was my biggest.

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    My DD was 7lb 3oz at 36 1/2 weeks
    My DS was 8lb 10oz at 40 weeks + 9 days

    oh im hoping this boy will be early

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    becky Guest


    My son was 9 days early and weighed 9lbs
    My daugther was born on her due date and was 7lbs 7.

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    Ellibam Guest


    makon was 9lb 3
    Arquene was 8lb 6

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    Alex at 34w was 1.9 kilos (4lbs and a few oz) h/c 32cm.
    Ned at 41+2 was 4.48 kilos (almost 10lbs) h/c 39.7cm (thank god for windows as I wouldn't want to do that out the door...)

    Dunno about having any more... they would be to a different father so I think that might make a difference

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