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Thread: Day time sleep problems....

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    Question Day time sleep problems....

    When ever my son has woken from a sleep during the day for the past few days he has woken screaming (I mean really screaming!). He nearly always has his eye closed when this happens and seems to 'wake up' once I or DH have picked him up, them he calms down. sometimes he will go back to sleep other times he will stay awake...could it be nightmares?? We have tried wrapping but he always wakes up when we wrap him, will only sleep at night when his arms are free. He doesn't really have any problems at night and is pretty good at settling himself. Would love any advice.

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    Could it just be wind?

    I found with DS that during his sleeps he will scream and thrash about but once he has passed the wind he drops back off to sleep...

    I hope you figure it out soon

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    Hi Macca,

    My thoughts are wind as well. our DD still does it every now and then at 6 months. We found it happened more often if she is really tired and didn't burp properly before going to sleep..

    BTW, our DD would only ever sleep with her arms not wrapped, but liked the rest of her wrapped up.

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    My DS does this when he has wind.

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    I think it is unknown whether babies dream or not and therefore whether they have nightmares. I really don't think they do have nightmares as I doubt this area of the brain is developed. Whenever my DD was coming out of a sleep cycle (can be 20 mins at an early age) and she wasn't well slept (as in enough) then she would scream, half awake/asleep.

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    My DD does this as well - 9 weeks. It is very stressful because I then can't get her back to sleep unless holding her and even then it takes at least 40 mins before she drops off and if I try to put her down she wakes again.

    I've tried burping her thoroughly after (and during feeds) but she either drops off to to sleep or just gets hysterical - mainly the latter. It is extremely stressful because she doesn't have much awake time when she isn't unsettled and then wont even sleep for more than 40 mins at a time during the day!

    The MACH nurses referred me to the day stay but all they did was controlled crying which I didn't enjoy and she would rarely re-settle after a sleep cycle.

    My current strategy is just popping her in the sling when she wakes and trying to get her sleep till the next feed in that but this is taxing on my back for such long periods and difficult to get any housework done.

    Sorry for the long post but I'm very stressed out over this and my DH keeps telling me it's all fine - but he gets to go to work all day!

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