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Thread: Dummy Weaning

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    I too am thinking of leaving the dummy for Santa. My only issue is with a new baby right before Christmas is this going to really upset the apple cart and what if bub has a dummy, is Tehya going to pinch it ???
    Trish, I worried about this with Nina as all the other babies at daycare had dummies, but once it was gone and she got over it, she never bothered with it. She found one in her toy box the other day and didn't even suck on it, just threw away.

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    Thanks Jodi. I only hope this is the case. Maybe I can try the whole big girl / baby thing with her too. Not sure if that will work though, she asks for a bubba's nappy or bubba's pyjamas lately. Think she is digging her heals in.

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    I agree in cases like tehya's it's a great way to get a rest when they can't settle without a suck and they won't take a thumb, and it should be a mum's own choice.

    but why then do all these mums keep telling me I am crazy not to get her one (when she almost NEVER cries?) She's like the only baby I know without one - adn lots of them are just as happy and easily settled as her - but the mums keep trying to push it in their mouths to stop them from making normal baby noises (i.e. babbling and squealing) when the mums are talking to other women etc. Others are trying to "train" their newborns to take one. Why??? I"m seriously puzzled. surely if the baby needs to be "Trained' to take it - it doesn't really want one - therefore what's the point?
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    ugh. We're at this stage with Caty. She only has it for sleeps, and even then it's only under duress that I give it to her. Two weeks ago it wasn't an issue, but somehow we had to give it to her a few sleeps in a row and now she goes nuts when she doesnt' have it. Crazy that it only took a few sleeps to get her to that stage. We'll try the snip I think She screams blue murder....

    Next baby there will be no dummy! I so hate the look of a dummy rather than a cute little mouth....UGLY!

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