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Thread: First Haircut

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest


    How have you gone Nell?

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    Nell, give Coochicoo a call in The Pines shopping centre (near Doncaster). The do kids hair cuts, but I'm not sure what bells and whistles they do. A friend of mine took their daughter there for her first cut and they had a DVD playing under the counter to help take their mind off what is going on and then they sprayed sparkles in her hair etc - all very girlie stuff, not sure what they do for boys but may be worth sussing out.

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest


    Just letting you know Nell, we had Jonahs hair cut today at Kids Central and the woman was fab. They have a t.v there and she had The Wiggles playing, they can draw and she's very happy and bubbly. She asked if we wanted to keep the hair too which we didn't as it wasn't his first. They charge $14.50 for 0-2 year olds and yeah definitely recommend them

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