thread: Having a bigger break between babies

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    Nov 2004
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    Dinky, I agree the waking up that was so exhausting & irritating & I hated so much with #1, is like a special time now to me & #2! Probably knowing it does not last forever, makes you more relaxed!? :-k

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    Mar 2005
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    We're having a 7.5 year gap and Im really happy about that. I've found this pregnancy exhausting because even though DD is 7, she's a little girl and needs my attention and help. I can't just go to bed without dinner etc, and have to look after her first. I think it probably has kept me fit, as i can't be lazy!!
    Im happy that DD is learning about pregnancy as we go, it's been educational and it's been exciting to share this time with her. It was like our wedding, she was 5. Im so glad she is having these experiences. She has been worried at times that I'll have no time for her, and I've explained that we will have "our" time together. I think she'll love it, and it wasn't planned this way (due to having two different partners) but Im happy it's worked out this way. I think whatever gap someone has will probably be right for them. There is no way to say which gap is best, and as we know, nature doesnt' often agree with our plans anyway. I do like the idea that DD will go to school and I'll get time with the baby (not happy that Bub is due just before chrissy hols, but that's where the inlaws come in handy)!!!! And I have to say having 7 years with DD, just me and her has been the most wonderful thing ever. I would never want to change that. I've loved it! xo