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Thread: is he teething??? please help

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    Default is he teething??? please help

    for the last 2 or 3 weeks my ds has been irritable, not finishing his bottles and also has started this thing where he shakes his head like as if he is saying no.

    he does his head shaking thing sometimes when he has his fingers in his mouth like as if he is rubbing his gums.. but all the other times he just does it randomly.. is this something to worry about?

    also, with the bottles he gets 2 x ebm and 2 x ff per day as well as some solids after his milk feeds. but he never wants to finish them lately... i have tried not giving him any solids for the day and he still doesn't want to finish his bottle. he has lots of wet nappies so i am pretty sure he is getting enough, but i am worried because he only has 4 feeds per day and now he has only been drinking about 140ml per feed instead of his usual 240ml per feed...

    so what i am wondering is could it be that he is teething? he has had a few days where his cheeks were rosy red and he was unsettled. or am i doing the wrong thing by giving him ebm for 2 feeds and ff for 2 feeds? the reason i am doing this is i'm trying to ween ds onto ff for personal reasons. (long story short, i have been expressing full time since my milk came in and ds has been exclusively fed ebm)

    any help would be much appreciated.. as this is my first child, i don't really know what is normal..

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    It's not easy when they can't just tell us huh. The head shaking is totally normal... my second who is 14 months still does it, but now it's a real game and we call it the "stevie" like Stevie Wonder. He thinks it's hillarious.

    As for going off food and bottles... has he had a temp at all?? Oskar has had a few throat infections and each time he went off his food and drink. He hasn't really gone off anything with teething, but that's just him so I can't say if that's a possibity...however, anything's possible with kiddies. I would check his temp, and if you are really worried (even if he doesn't have a temp) take him to the doc's just so they can check his ears and throat. Hope this helps

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    DS shakes his head when teething & will feed, but keeps pulling on & off the boob (I guess because it hurts to suck). He also has a mild fever (Dr says it should only go up by half a degree for teething) & poos more frequently.

    I'd get him checked out by the GP, just to make sure

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