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Thread: HELP - 4 month old that's totally changed!

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    Default HELP - 4 month old that's totally changed!

    Is it normal for my 4 month old little girl to change at this age? She is crying/screaming more than usual and she has been sleeping through from 8 weeks. The past week has been awful, she won't sleep through and will stir all night.

    She now has her two bottom teeth, they came through a couple of weeks ago. Could her top ones be moving around and causing her discomfort? I give her teething relief and it doesn't seem to help.

    She'll play with her toys for 10 minutes and then start crying/screaming. Only when I pick her up, she's grunt at me a few times and then stop. Then she'll smile!

    I'm so this just a 4 month thing?

    I started solids last week but she loves them...opens her mouth wide and enjoys every mouthful, surely it couldn't be that, it seems to satisfy her afterward and she seems pretty happy for a while. I know what everyone says about starting solids early so I don't really want people coming in here giving me lectures about allergies was our choice to start her on them and we feel we made the right decision as parents.

    Just wondering whether anyone noticed a big change in their babies at 4 months?

    Thanks for your help

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    ES, this is a really common age for being unsettled. Often breast refusal happens at this age too. There are a few possible reasons. It could be teething (I reckon the top ones definitely give them more grief), it could be just becoming more aware of their environment (as they usually are at this age), or it could be some other developmental stage. She should settle down soon, it usually just lasts a few days, but you will probably notice her being more alert and active from now on. And there will be a few more milestones ahead too. Just when you get used to things, they change LOL!!

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    That's the period that Nina turned from being an angel of a baby, do being the devil, lol!! Around 4 months were really hard for us. At the time I put it down to a development stage.

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    i reckon its a 4 month thing as my little darling has turned into a little nightmare at least twice a day, dont know why, cant see any teeth but it does make life incrediably hard when they are that demanding...thankfully it wont last forever (i hope )

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    Yes it is normal! At 4 months exactly my DS2 went from being a happy little man to being the grumpiest baby on earth! He also started waking up numerous times a night. I'm not sure what happens to them, but it seems to be a common age for it. My first DS started having feeding issues at the same age.

    My DS2 has only just started going back to normal after two long months, but I think it was because of other issues as well (an ear infection and chiropractic problems) so don't let me scare you! I started giving him rice cereal at 4 months too, my MCHN actually was the one who suggested it.

    It will pass soon, I promise!

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