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Thread: HELP!! My 12 month old suddenly wakes at night!!!

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    Exclamation HELP!! My 12 month old suddenly wakes at night!!!

    My DD is 12 months old and has suddenly started waking at about 1am or 12mid every night she does not seem till about 3am sometimes. I am in and out of bed every 10 minutes or so - sometimes 2minutes. She does not appear in pain - nor hungry as I have paid carful attention to this. She sometimes chatters or squeals and then stops and then starts again. I am worried she is developing a habit. I am so so so tired. I am unsure about just letting her cry - we did that once and she worked herself into a state! I often wake in the morning reluctant to even greet her.... HELP!!!

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    Hmmm, this is a toughie. My DD wakes some nights, but she's been doing this all her life, LOL!
    Suggestions: Could you bring her to bed with you?
    Could you leave a soft book or toy in bed with her for her to amuse herself with?
    For me, when we were doing the hard yards at night, I found it was worse if I went back to bed and kept getting up. I used to rest on the lounge until I was confident she was asleep... Sometimes I did fall asleep on the lounge, LOL! But I'd wake and go back to bed when I knew all was well. It helped me not to feel like I was in and out of bed all night.
    I'm sorry, I don't know how helpful any of this is, but hopefully it settles down for you soon. Perhaps your DD is just going through some pretty major developments right now?

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    DS is doing this now since he had tonsilitus and has a lot of difficulty sleeping at night. I've tried giving him a bit to eat before bed, letting him make a sogged nappy and then putting him down with an evaporator in his room and dress him warmly because he escapes his blankets. It seems to help because he doesn't overflow his nappy, has a full belly, can breath easier and when he wriggles out of his blankets he doesn't get cold, his blanket is pretty much there to try and hold him in place so he doesn't stick his limbs through the cot slats.

    Don't know if any of these apply but they may help? Does she wake up snuffly or cough a lot? Does she wake herself up?

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    I could have just written that thread!!
    I have tried everything other than a bottle which I am going to do tonight. Any thoughts or suggestions please please please????

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