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Thread: How to gently discipline when they are so little.....

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    Question How to gently discipline when they are so little.....

    Izzy seems to be going through a tanty phase. They don't last long but if I take something from her that she isn't meant to have, well I hear about it! For example, earlier today I accidentally left the yoghurt container and spoon where she could reach it and she grabbed it and was playing before I realised, mess everywhere! Anyway I took it off her saying " No bubby, that's yucky and makes a mess" and she cried for about 5 minutes! I know she is learning but there are times we have to discipline or warn her not to touch something and I wanted to find out any tips you ladies might have!

    I generally take whatever it is away, or say her name, followed by an explanation of why she should't be touching or playing with it. I figure although she is too young to understand what I am saying I know she knows the why, and it is a good habit to get into.

    Any other ideas/suggestions? BTW our house is pretty kid proof but occasionally she finds something or gets into something she shouldn't really be into!! (I read back and it sounds like I leave stuff around and then tell her off for playing with it!!)TIA

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    tan i do what you do, if she say hurts somone i tell that hurt ....... if you do it again you'll sit on the floor by yourself, give ..... a kiss to say sorry, if she does it again then i simply remove her from the situation and place her away on the floor facing the opposite way and walk away! so not really time out yet but she seems to understan the concept

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    Re direction is my preferred method of dealing with babies. They are too young to understand, however- you still tell them very simply why you re removing them from a situation/toy/game/whatever.
    Tanties I ignore- give them 50 seconds of screeching and they crawl/walk over for a big cuddle. It's ok for them to express how frustrated they are, imo, it's a valid emotion and best expressed so they can get on with the next activity

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    I usually say "ta for mummy" at the same time I'm taking whatever it is. He doesn't usually seem to mind so much then. A few times just recently DH has just taken whatever from him without saying anything and he's screamed about it. I think that they do understand more than we think and he seems to understand "snatching" or "taking nicely". When he does chuck a tanty I actually do either a gently "shhhh no tantrums" or I completely ignore it and it's over before you know it. So, he gets attention and praise for his good efforts/play etc but nothing for the tanty.

    I do use redirection when he keeps opening the same door in the I haven't worked out how we can child lock it properly yet, it's right next to the oven and needs to be heat proof. Redirection works sometimes for us.

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    Tan I did/do what you said too. If the tanty started properly I get down to her level and ask her if she's finished being silly yet. Even at that age she could repsond with yes or no. If she says no I say OK and wait 15ish seconds and ask again. Usually its a yes, then i explain again she usually says sorry - I guess it's a daycare thing they do, without me even prompting.
    Distraction works often but not always and if she's doing something naughty I just pick her up and mover her.
    DH hasn't figured out that no one but him yells so she doesn't respond at all.....

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    One of the ladies in my mum's group has a whole repertoire of noises she makes. There's a "ooooh" noise for no, a "shhhhhhhhh" noise for possible pain (eg near the fire/heater) and then there's a sharp "NO" when he ignores all that. Works for her, but she's got her DH trained well. I don't But good luck.

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    Definately re-direction... so offering an alternative to what they were wanting. I usually say "uhoh yoghurt not for DS but lets go play with this".

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    Thanks for all the suggestions ladies, sounds pretty much like what I have been doing, but with the tantys I wondered if there was something I've been missing! Redirection seems to be the way to go with an explanation of why xxx was dangerous etc.... Keep the ideas coming though!!

    MummaB your ticker pic is gorgeous!!!!!!!!! Not long to go hun!

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    Thanks Tan

    I also find using appropriate facial expressions helps convey the message - i never raise my voice or use a negative tone because i don't see it as misbehaviour - just discovering and learning and i dont' want to squash that drive to experience.

    So if he's trying to get something and makes a mess or spill, i just say Uhoh in a really animated way and pull a face to display yuckiness and then explain that we should leave the yoghurt on the bench because if it falls down its very yucky to clean up - if the spill has happened, get her involved in the clean up with some paper towels, i did this from a young age and whenever something spills my DS is the first to pick it up and try to help.

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