thread: How to go to 1 day sleep?

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    How to go to 1 day sleep?

    My DD has just turned one and is starting to fuss over her 2 day sleeps, so I thought that perhaps she is ready to go from 2 sleeps down to 1..

    I have tried to keep her up till lunch time, give her a light lunch and then try to put her down, the problem is she will only do 1 hour and then the rest of the afternoon can be a bit if a nightmare as I try to keep her up.... I have done this a few times and she has fallen asleep during dinner (on the high chair).

    I am not sure how to help her transition (or even if she is ready for it). Does anyone have any advice/experience ???


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    Hey mate,

    Unfortuanately, I have no idea! I'm with you one this one I'm afraid. When I asked my best friend about her two, she said one went to 1 day sleep at about 14 months, while the other hung onto it until about 19 months. I think it depends on what time they get up. If they are early risers, it takes a little longer to drop one sleep. My DD gets up at 530 on the dot every she is always back in bed for at least an hour by 8/830. Sometimes she refuses this sleep and has a good one about lunch time, and I think she wants to drop it, but then the next day reverts back to two sleeps.

    I wouldn't force the issue, just go with the flow. Maybe it'll all happen in her own time. Unless it's inconvenient for work or other (for yo I mean), I'd let it take it's course...

    Hope this helps!


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    I am not sure if this is any help, but often with Charlie and more recently Lexie, I would hold them out till an early lunch at 11.30, and then if they were really cranky in the afternoon, pop out in the car at around 3.30pm (for the odd chores such as milk from the servo, posting a letter etc......) and they would catch a short (20 mins?) nap that would tide them over till bath time...........

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    Rylee went from two sleeps to one at about 11 months - for about 2 weeks it was yucky over dinner time as she would fall asleep having her dinner and then end up going to bed really late - but I started taking her outside at dinner time and feeding her on the patio just to give her something new to look at and to stimulate her and some fresh air to try and keep her awake until bath time and over a three week period it all fell into place. She wakes about 7.30 pm - lunch at 12 pm - bottle at 12.30 pm and she usually falls asleep on the bottle and then will sleep for an hour to hour and a half then usually bed at 7.30 pm / 8 pm - I find after five hours awake in the morning she is ready for her midday nap. They do get there in the end the changeover is just a bit yuck but not for long.
    Good luck,

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