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Thread: Intensely itchy cradle cap?

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    Default Intensely itchy cradle cap?

    I thought cradle cap was not meant to be a bother, but my ds scratches his raw and bleeding. Two nights in a row, it keeps him up sometimes. I put aloe on it from the garden. Today we olive oiled it so we will remove as much as we can tonight in the shower.

    What causes some babies to be irritated by it?

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    I just Googled "itchy cradle cap" and the Royal Children's Hospital (Melbourne) website says:

    If it (the cradle cap) is continuing after your baby is three months old and/or it is very itchy for your baby, it may actually be eczema of the scalp. If this is the case, shampoos and salicylic acid creams will make it worse.
    It may be worth taking him to a GP just to make sure it's not eczema?

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    stop using JJ shampoo if your using that!! worst thing for cradle cap! moogoo scalp cream is ment to be fab

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