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Thread: Licking Dad's Chest

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    Smile Licking Dad's Chest

    Apparently whenever DP is trying to settle our DD to sleep (day or night) she like to rub her nose into his chest and then when she's comfy she gives it little licks and if DP has a shirt on when settling her she absolutely cracks it until he takes it off.

    When my DP told me about this i was ROFL for ages as is sounds so weird but i was wondering if anyone else bubs do/done this and is there a reason behind it?

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    Cute..... Sounds to me like a habit formed from the rooting reflex bubs show when they are first born and looking for the breast.

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    Too funny! My DD's not a licker but she loves pulling dad's chest hair. Then when he makes a funny face she laughs and does it again.

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    LOL! I have no idea but PMSL!!! Make sure you get a photo/video of that for her 21st!!!

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    Ours isn't a licker (although he'll happily chew on anything or anyone at the moment!), but he did spend quite a while trying to latch on to his dad, much to our amusement. He's figured out that booby-juice only comes from mum now...

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    morgan, our little girl does that too!! Although she does it to both of us. It's like she's nuzzling into our chest and then licks with her little tongue. I thought it was a bit weird but you've made me feel less unique hehehehe.

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    Izzy used to try to latch onto DH's arm when she was a baby! and now if we are all in bed in the morning and she see's his nipple she stares at it and then slowly flicks it with her finger, you can see her brain ticking over like....mmmm it's like mummys but not quite the same!!!! So hilarious!

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    thats a classic

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