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    Lost comfort toy

    Hello! A disaster occurred yesterday. When out at the shops my 10 month old DD threw her toy out of the pram that she sleeps with and I didn't realise until it was too late and now it is gone. She has slept with this teddy (a fluffy koala) since she was a baby (as soon as she was able to hold onto things), it smelt terrible but she wouldn't sleep without it. Needless to say we had a terrible night last night because she didn't have her toy. Has anyone else had this happen and can suggest anything. I am so feeling like a terrible mother for losing my poor baby's favourite toy. Please help!!!

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    OH NO!!!!!!! I just want to give you a huge hug cause i have always been paranoid os this happening to us! Archie has had his Tigger (gigger) since he was a couple of months old and is very attatched so i bought 3 of them so i had backups, we lost one at the shops 12 months ago and i freaked out even though i still had 2 left. he has 2 now that i rotate and im gonna buy a couple more while they still are available. maybe you could find a toy that is similar in size/colour/texture? Archie had a giraffe toy to start with that he always slept with when he was tiny but it startd to break and wasn't safe enough so i went and found Tigger who is a similar size/colour/texture. He was a lot younger though and more easily fooled.

    I really hope you can find a replacemet, i reckon if you find a new special toy it wont take long for grace to love it, and try and get something that you can buy a few of, so you can rotate them and wash them. GL

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    Yes, I have had this happen. DD had a fav toy that went everywhere except child care. Hecta had an accident and was unsafe for her (she was about 9 months at the time). I knew the brand and searched high and low for a replacement to no avail. I ended up contacting the company who sent me a replacement (which turned out to be the wrong thing but DD loves it anyway).
    It took me about 4 weeks to get the "replacement" from the company. For the first few weeks, DD was horrid. Wouldn't sleep, was clingy, wouldn't feed properly. All the fun things. She slowly got over it though.

    We have another couple of "sleep toys" which I have duplicates of. These get rotated so I can wash them and not have her go through seperation anxiety whilst it is in the wash...

    HTH. Good luck finding a suitable replacement.


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    Just wanted to give you a My sons have nigh night's they are cot doona's that they sleep with plus a teddy each.. ( my 2 younger ones) We left one at home once when we went away and holy.. bed time was not good.. A replacement blanket helped though but he was older and easier to talk to..

    Good Luck I hope you can find either a replacement or a solution

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    We have a few backups. We have the same soft toy at home that she sleeps with at night and a miniture version of it she has a daycare... When she stays at my mums she has her own other toys shes sleeps with so thankfully she has a few not just one. Big hugs to you as I understand how distressing the little one feels...

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    Thanks everyone. She got the teddy as a gift and they got it from the zoo, we had always planned to go to the zoo and get another one, just thought we'd have more time! We are trialling a dog that has the same fur as the koala, although it is slighlty bigger...we have wiped it with a nappy wipe (as K was always being wiped with them) and so far this has worked with daytime naps, fingers crossed it works tongiht. If not a replacement is going to have to be the way to go and a trip to the zoo is on the cards for us! Thanks again, really appreciate it.

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    if it was from the zoo have a look on the web site to see if you can buy it online so you dont have to make the big trip too the zoo!!

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    When I was little I had a white blanket & when I was four-ish I let it in a motel room when we were on holidays. Apparently it was a nightmare on the drive home because I realised about 2hrs away from where it was that it was gone. Mum bought a replacement that was identical except it was yellow & I still have it to this day!!

    Good luck finding something for her. Maybe try to get her to help you pick a new one?

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    can i ask did you contact the shopping center lost and found? you probably did this but just asking.

    my son who is six sleeps with Jimmy a teddy from birth altho we never took it out of the home for that reason. my other son sleeps with woolfy a dog teddy and a mrs moo mo who is a cow hot water bottle cover that his nanna in New Zealand gave him minus the hot water bottle these toys we dont take anywhere except on planes so he can sleep with them. next time write your phone number on the tag i suggest.

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    My DS's comfort thing is his doona. Even though he has a pillow and you lay him down on it, he will move up the other end of the cot and snuggle with his doona. On hot nights where i have taken the doona out of his cot to give him more space, leaving him with a sheet, he cries and wails until i put it back in.. crazy child!

    When i was little i had a teddy called "teddy". We went up to brisbane (drove) and on the way back when we reached about Coffs Harbour i realised i didnt have Teddy. My wonderful parents turned around and drove back to Brisbane to get him. The things parents do hey.

    Only thing i can suggest is take your DD shopping and let her pick out a new toy?
    If not, i hope you can find another one.

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