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    Cool Meal times

    DD2 has gone through many stages in the last few months with regards to food. She has gone from eating anything, to only food made by Mr Heinz, to only finger food, to anyfood as long as she has a spoon as well. Now we have reached the stage where she will not let me within 5 feet of the high chair She won't eat finger food like sandwiches etc she will eat fruit though.

    So i've been giving her her normal food, putting it down and backing away quickly lol! She uses a spoon in each hand and chows down. Sometimes she even uses her fingers to eat her yoghurt

    I don't really know why i'm posting this, i'm not after any advice...I guess just some reassurance that she will get better at eating by herself and that some of it will end up in her mouth soon enough I should be able to remember from the other two but she is so different. So independant and strong willed

    I can't wait to see how she demolishes the plane on the way to England!

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    I'm glad my DS isn't the only one - not so bad as to not let me near the chair admittedly but has to do all the feeding himself - I can barely watch as he eats porridge - starts with the spoon, moves on to using the fingers - I guess its quicker to get the food in.

    I'm planning on him getting tider with the eating!

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    Let me reassure you both that it does get easier and tidier too.
    They are just in one of the many fazes that kids go through. I can remember on eof my friends kids loved my casserole one visit. A couple of weeks later there was no way he was going to eat any food that was touching something else. Made Spaghetti Bolognaise hard to serve up I tell you!
    My advice would be not to stress over it (I know, easier said than done) but try to make sure that you give them the healthy options.
    It's hard to please them while not giving in to them too. But you will find your own balance here I'm sure.
    Keep up the good parenting and don't forget the messy mat if you need it!

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