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Thread: Mucous in poo?

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    Question Mucous in poo?

    My baby, Rochelle, just had the biggest poo explosion yet.. they are usually pretty big - but today it was all over the couch and soaked through her outfit, all up her back and side and her nappy was still chockers when I took it off. I did notice though that it was really mucousy... big long mucousy stringy things! Is this normal? It was a normal bright yellow colour and runny like always. Just mucousy.


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    Has she got a cold as this will give you mucousy poo's as they will swallow alot... But if she keeps doing them and you are really worried go see you heath nurse or just ring and ask they will know if its anything else....

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    Hi Catherine!

    My DD had this one or two times a few months ago - and only when it was a mega explosion! There was a pretty big gap between each time it happened and it did not happen with the next poop. Not sure if it was normal but as it didn't continue I didn't worry about it.

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    Ok thanks guys. She doesn't seem to have a cold or be sick... But she has started sleeping through the nights, so i'm not sure if it's connected somehow with breastmilk and missing a feed or I don't know really. We just aren't home at the moment because we are visiting Mum and Dad in the country, otherwise I would have taken her to our Dr because it kind of scared me. But she seems fine. Like you said Nat, it was a mega poo explosion... her daily poos are poo explosions but this one was mother of all poo explosions! ROFL... If it happens again with her daily poo tomorrow, I think we might just take a drive to the next town and get her checked. Thank you again!

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    Babies who have too much cows milk protein are known to do explosive poos. Jovie is allergic to cows milk and even when I had a tiny amount did explosive poos that were full of mucous. Maybe lay low on cows milk for a week or two & see if they change. Sometimes they get an overload of it as babies when you drink quite a bit (Have you had a milk shake recently?? Or drank lots of cows milk at one time?). Then everytime you have a little bit of it, it builds up.

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